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WOW! The Best Bird-a-Thon Ever!

Of Birds and People

Thanks to the enthusiastic participation of so many counters (many of them new to our big annual fundraiser) - and their sponsors - this year's Bird-a-Thon is PRBO's best ever. Counters who searched for the greatest variety of birds in a 24-hour period in September have reported to their sponsors, and sponsors' pledge checks are arriving in PRBO's mailbox. As this Observer goes to press, proceeds from the big birding day have topped $65,000!

Our preliminary lists of counters who found the most species and who raised the most money are presented here; if you counted in our 1996 Bird-a-Thon and haven't yet sent us your species total, please do so today! We'll publish a final list of top counters in our next Observer.

This year's success was due in large part to a friendly Bird-a-Thon competition among six Bay Area counties - organized by our longtime friend and new board member Mike Parmeter. Mike also led the Sonoma Gray Jays Bird-a-Thon team, and he obtained many prizes for our counters, sponsors, and random drawing. This welcome effort made a big difference in PRBO's Bird-a-Thon this year - and we're already looking forward to next year's big day of birding!

Pictured Above: Satisfied Counters: from left,Dix boring, PRBO Board members Judith Ciani-Smith and Ann Stone, group leader Rich Stallcup, Chris Corbin and Lisa Hug.
Top counters by species seen
Rich Stallcup 176
Judith Ciani-Smith 171

Marin County Team
Lisa Hug 169
Chris Corben 169
Ann Stone 164

Sonoma Gray Jays Team
Mike Parmeter 159

Sonoma County Team
Dix Boring 155
Ted Eliot 152
Rick LeBadour 139
Jerry Mugele 131

San Francisco Team
Gary Page & family 128
Mary Thacher


Top counters by dollars raised
Rich Stallcup $9586
Daniel Evans 6445
Ann Stone 5832
Judith Ciani-Smith 4226
Stefan & Tess Williams 3100
Robin Leong 2372
Gary Page 2272
Linda Grant 2260
Dix Boring 1557
Ted Eliot 1886
Dave Shuford 1839
Christa Godfrey 1127
Totton Heffelfinger 1091

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