Point Reyes Bird Observatory, Observer 108


We welcome the following new members (June through October 1996):

Dr Onik Arian, Mary Bachman, Russell E Bade, Norman & Beverly Bensky, Yvonne M Blaine, Andy & Kara Blake, Arden Bucklin, Jim Chiropolus, Margaret Clayton, Claudia & James Dorr, Patricia Dyer, Linda K Futrell, Sylvia Gallagher, Tony Gillies, Lois Goggin, William & Susan Goldsborough, Mr & Mrs Danny Heath, Elizabeth G Hedelman, Barbara Holden, Valerie Hurst, D Graeme Keith, Margaret McClune, Rochelle McCune, Blake Milam, William Moseley, Natural Insect Control, Kristina Neuman, Donna Nowell, Vira I O'Brien, Susan Paulsen, Will Pierce, Jay Pierrepont, Edward L Robinson, Judith Rothman , Mr & Mrs Edward J Ruff, Judith M Schultz, Shirley Sekarajasingham, Evelyn Shaeffer, Samuel J Shummon, Stuart Siegel, Eugene Small, Marjorie A Smith, Jane Steven, Jane Strong, Lisa Taggart, Bennett Tow, Cheryl Traendly, Rebecca Vesely, Mary V Wagner, William R Wilson, Karin Zahorik.


We are grateful to the following contributors of gifts of $250 or more (June through October 1996, excluding Bird-a-Thon):

Anonymous, Carl & Jeanie Blom, Howard P Brokaw, Mimi & Peter Buckley, Robert C Da Costa, Henry Corning, Thomas R Davis & Ellyn Bush, Senator Dianne Feinstein & R C Blum, Mr & Mrs Robert B Friend, Marcia & Richard Grand, James Grootemaat, Ann Hatch, Mr & Mrs Totton Heffelfinger, Shirley Hicklin, Mrs Dorothy B Hunt, Robert E Hunter Jr, Elaine Kjelmyr, Dr & Mrs Peter Klopfer, Robert & Adelle Knox, Pamela & W James Lloyd, Anne Macpherson, Jeffery W Meyer, Mrs Joseph A Moore, Patricia Nagle, W Robert Phillips, Mr & Mrs W J Price, Toni Rembe, Joyce & Jim Schnobrich, Gail Seneca & Hal Nathan, Mr and Mrs J Morse Smith, Robert L Smith, Maria W Starr, Barbara N Stewart, Ann Stone, Matthew & Polly Stone, Mr & Mrs J R Stone.

Thanks to the following Friends of the Farallones supporters: AirTouch Communications Foundation, George & Ruth Bradford Foundation, Peter & Mimi Buckley , Mr & Mrs Henry Corning, Thomas R Davis & Ellyn Bush , Dean Witter Foundation , Mr & Mrs Robert B Friend, Fred Gellert Foundation, Charles & Mimi Lowrey, Ewan Macdonald , Jeffery W Meyer, Bernard A Osher , Mr & Mrs W Robert Phillips, Gail Seneca & Hal Nathan, Richard D Spight , Ann Stone , Jack & Jane Stuppin, World Products Inc Foundation.

We are grateful to the following corporation and foundation contributors in 1996: Abbey Party Rents, Winifred & HB Allen Foundation, American Foundation, Bank of America, George & Ruth Bradford Foundation, John Dakin Securities, Calidris Inc, California Tamarack Foundation, Chevron Corporation, Coastal Conservancy, Computer Associates, Compton Foundation, Dean Witter Foundation, Del Monte Corporation, Domaine Chandon, Katherine & E R Dumke Foundation, Earth Share, Entrix Inc, Esprit Foundation, Exxon, Richard & Rhoda Goldman Fund, Grootemat Foundation, IBM Corporation, JiJi Foundation, Lam Research Corp, Lehman Brothers Inc, Marin Community Foundation, National Fish & Wildlife Foundation, Bernard A Osher Foundation, Patagonia Inc, Raytheon Corporation, San Francisco Foundation, Joseph E Seagram & Sons Inc, Shell Oil Company, Wild Bird Center, Wild Birds Unlimited, World Products Inc.

Memorial Funds

We appreciate the following gifts to PRBO (June through October 1996):
  • In Memory of Clayton Coler: Rich Stallcup, Lorli E Willis
  • In Memory Ted Eliot Sr: Raytheon Corporation
  • In Memory of Dr Mike Hamilton: Carl & Wilma Jordan
  • In Memory of Jane FitzSimmons: Laurie FitzSimmons
  • In Memory of Janet G Kahler: Muriel Kahler
  • In Memory of Lois & Gordon Bolander: Jacquelyn Fava
  • In Memory of Richard Johnson: Douglas & Nancy Spaulding
  • In Memory of Robert E Reeser: Shirley Enomoto Harris
  • In Memory of Roger Tory Peterson: Peter J Metropulos
  • In Memory of Seaver Ballard: Susan J Watson

  • Honoring

  • In honor of Bob Stewart's Birthday: David Heller

  • Donations

    We are grateful to the following individuals for donations to PRBO:
  • Thanks to: Anonymous donor for Jeep Wagoneer to auction; Frances C Bidstrup for use of artwork; Bolinas Bay Bakery owner Dave Sobel for ongoing generous donations of delicious day-old pastries to the staff and interns of Palomarin Field Station; Margaret Colbert for computer, monitor & keyboard; Anne R Dick for computer, monitor & keyboard; Keith Hansen for use of artwork; Tim Manolis for use of artwork; Gareth Penn for supplies for Farallones; Dr & Mrs Benjamin D Parmeter for library publications; Sven Wahlberg for multi-year subscriptions to Scandinavian scientific journals for PRBO's library.

  • For Bird a Thon prizes:
  • ABA Sales (scope & eyepiece); Domaine Chandon (six bottles of champagne); Duncraft (three $25 gift certificates); Farallon Patrol (five one-day sail trips on SF Bay); Sheila Goldberg Johnson (Shared Sightings book of bird poetry); Mankas (dinner for one); National Fish & Wildlife Foundation (15 posters); Oceanic Society Expeditions (Farallones trip for two); Orion (binoculars, scope); Mike Parmeter (The World of Robert Bateman and Field Guide to Birds of Venezuela); Pars Cellars (four bottles of chardonnay); Patagonia Inc (two jackets); Roger Tory Peterson (two signed prints); Will Price (Stokes Field Guide to Birds); Point Reyes Printing (Estero subscription); Trefethen (case of wine).

  • Wish List

    We are seeking following donations to PRBO:
  • For data entry - '486' pcs;
  • For producing PRBO's publications - a high-end Macintosh;
  • For our Farallon Island Station - a freezer (no-frost preferred) and exercise equipment;
  • For landbird research - videocameras (any type) and tripods.

  • Corporate Giving

    PRBO is grateful for every generous grant and gift that we receive from conservation-minded corporations, in support of our work. Among such awards within the last quarter, we appreciate the following:
    A generous donation from Raytheon Corporation, in memory of Ted Eliot, Sr., will support PRBO's ongoing research programs.

    A $20,000 grant from Exxon Corporation for our seabird research will help PRBO improve nesting habitat, through the use of nest boxes, for Rhinoceros Auklets, Xanthus' Murrelets, and Ashy Storm-petrels.

    Support from both Shell Oil Foundation and Chevron Corporation for our Terrestrial Program supports landbird studies in the riparian habitats of the California.

    A gift from Esprit Corporation helped PRBO document the effects of the 1995 Vision fire on birds in Point Reyes National Seashore.

    Many thanks to the anonymous donors who gave PRBO a 1989 Jeep Wagoneer. Proceeds from its sale will benefit our Coastal & Estuarine Program.

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