OBSERVER:  The Quarterly Journal of the Point Reyes Bird Observatory

This is the first electronic version of Observer and reprints issue 108. Observer is the quarterly journal of the Point Reyes Bird Observatory, highlighting our research activities, concerns, and member-related events.

  • The (Un)Balance of Nature: Songbirds in the Mount Vision Fire Zone
  • By Geoffrey Geupel. An update on research after the largest fire on the Point Reyes Seashore in this centuary.

  • Focus: Deadly Eucalyptus
  • Rich Stallcup's "focus" turns to serious turns to serious problems for overwintering birds, caused by the non-native "blue gum" tree.

  • Restoring Connections
  • By James A. Karr, PhD.

  • Northern Fur Seals Return to the Farallon Islands
  • By Peter Pyle. The first pup born on the Farallones in 150 years was discovered on the remote West End this summer.

  • Program Notes
  • The Terrestrial program wades through Bay Area salt marshes and into the riparian corridors of Central California

  • The Marine and Farallones program continues to document the decline of Ashy Storm Petrels, reports on contaminants in the Gulf of the Farallones, began monitoring on Alcatraz Island, and initiated studies on the 1994 Apex Houston oil spill.

  • The Coastal and Estuarine Reseach biologists present the latest news on Snowy Plovers from the Point Reyes National Seashore to Monterey.

  • Our growing Latin American Program explores genetic tools for bird conservation and continues to mobilize more volunteers and biologists in Mexico.

  • Oil Spill News Flash
  • In October of 1996, over 8,000 gallons of fuel oil spilled into the San Francisco Bay. PRBO joined the effort to survey the effects on bird life and marine mammals along Bay Area beaches.

  • Remembering Roger Tory Peterson:
  • Rich Stallcup and Dan Evens pay tribute to the originator of modern field guides to birds, who touched the lives of many, and left a legacy that continues to do so.

  • PRBO Re-Drafts its Mission Statement:
  • By Dan Evens.

  • Bird-a-Thon 1996
  • A report on our most successful "Big Day" to date.

  • Farallon Patrol Log

  • Contributions, Memorial Funds, Donations, and our Wish List:

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