OBSERVER:  The Quarterly Journal of the Point Reyes Bird Observatory

This is the electronic version of the Point Reyes Bird Observatory's quarterly journal, Observer , and reprints issue 110. Contact us to receive a more complete, printed version of the journal highlighting our research, events for members, and organizational news.

  • Tidal Songbirds
  • By Nadav Nur. San Francisco Bay's dwindling salt marshes have been deeply affected by over a century of human activity. Current efforts by PRBO biologists are providing authorities with the information necessary to conserve the populations of songbirds that call the Bay Area marshes home.

  • Marsh Journal
  • By Yvonne Chan. A field biologist working in the San Francisco Bay marshes reports back from the pickleweed.

  • Eagles of Lake Shasta
  • By Steve Zack, PhD. At California's largest nesting area for Bald Eagles, the level of water in the lake is crucial. Biologists continue research there on the eagle's life cycle.

  • Focus: Prehistoric California Birds
  • By Rich Stallcup. Time-travel back to the Pleistocene and catch a glimpse of the diversity of birds that once roamed California's skies.

  • Program Notes
  • PRBO's departments report on recent research activities.

    Observer is published quarterly by PRBO's Board of Directors.

    The printed version is edited and designed by Claire Peaslee.

    Designed for the web by Mike Lynes and Grant Ballard.

    We would like to thank Sophie Webb for her artwork of a Song Sparrow with nesting material in the tidal marshes, Geoff Geupel for his photos from the marsh project, Cathy McNassor and others at the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History for photos of fossil skeletons used in Focus, and Keith Hansen for designing the Focus logo.

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