CalPIF Structure and Committees

California Partners in Flight consists of Co-Chairs, Coordinator, Executive Steering Committee, and Working Committees.

CalPIF Co-Chair - Geoff Geupel ( - PRBO Conservation Science
CalPIF Co-Chair - Deb Schlafmann ( - US Fish & Wildlife Service
CalPIF Coordinator - Ryan DiGaudio ( - PRBO Conservation Science

Executive Steering Committee

The Executive Steering Committee will be the main body that establishes and modifies CalPIF priorities and committees and will consist of members who agree to support and promote the goals of California Partners in Flight. The Steering Committee will include representatives from state and federal wildlife and natural resource management agencies, non-profit conservation, research, and land protection organizations. Agencies or organizations not originally designated as members of the Steering Committee may be suggested for inclusion at any time.

Executive Steering Committee members directly contribute to the mission of CalPIF through the conservation projects of their respective agencies and organizations. Click on the links below to learn more about these projects. Agencies and organizations currently officially represented on the Steering Committee are:

Audubon California
Bureau of Land Management
Bureau of Reclamation
California Department of Fish and Game
Department of Defense/US Navy
Klamath Bird Observatory
Institute for Bird Populations
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
Natural Resources Conservation Service
The Nature Conservancy
PRBO Conservation Science
San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory
USDA Forest Service
US Fish and Wildlife Service
US Geological Survey
Wildlife Conservation Society
Ventana Wilderness Society/ Big Sur Ornithology Lab

Working Committees

These Committees are the main working entities of CalPIF. Each Committee will meet as necessary to achieve identified priorities. Committee Chairs are selected on a voluntary basis and report back to the Executive Steering Committee prior to or at each Executive Steering Committee meeting. Committees may also create subcommittees as needed to deal with short term-tasks. New committees may be suggested at any time. Please consider participating and/or contact committee chairs below with ideas and suggestions.

Agency Integration Committee
Chair: Dan Strait ( - US Fish and Wildlife Service

Research and Monitoring Committee

Outreach Committee
Co-Chairs: Melissa Pitkin (
Ryan DiGaudio (

Bird Conservation Plan Subcommittees
Coastal Scrub and Chaparral - Bob Chapman ( - San Diego State University
Coniferous Forest - John Alexander ( - Klamath Bird Observatory
Desert - Chris McCreedy ( - PRBO Conservation Science
Grassland - Eric Kershner ( - Institute for Wildife Studies
Oak Woodland - Steve Zack ( - Wildlife Conservation Society
Riparian - Sacha Heath ( - PRBO Conservation Science
Shrubsteppe - Aaron Holmes ( - PRBO Conservation Science
Sierra Nevada - Rodney Siegel ( - Institute for Bird Populations

Joint Venture Integration Network
Chair: Geoff Geupel ( - PRBO Conservation Science