CalPIF Study Area Database and Focal Species Range Maps

One of the main goals of the California Partners In Flight (CalPIF) Bird Conservation Plan endeavor is to document the health and status of bird populations across the entire state. To this end, PRBO has developed a database of CalPIF bird monitoring sites and served as a repository for species breeding status information for the entire state.

Background information on the development of these data sets and conservation plans

Query/view GIS database of CalPIF study areas. An interactive map that shows all CalPIF collaborators' study areas contributed to date (230 KB download).

View interactive focal species breeding status maps showing all study areas and detailed information for each focal species, with live updates.

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View habitat maps for California (large-format JPEG images, arranged by plan):

Or - view static (non-interactive) breeding status information and historic and current range maps for any of the following species (updated annually):