CalPIF Education and Outreach

CalPIF Education and Outreach Committee
The goals for this CalPIF working committee are to 1) increase awareness of bird conservation in target audiences; 2) develop consistent, broad messages and themes as well as more targeted messages for particular audiences, including K-12 programs, landowner programs, volunteer programs, agencies; and 3) work on funding opportunities for CalPIF education. These goals can be accomplished by utilizing existing education networks, conducting teacher trainings, giving presentations at local schools, encouraging activities that are self-supporting, i.e., groups growing native plants for restoration. If you are interested in participating in this innovative group, please contact Melissa Pitkin.

Please Contribute to the Online Database of Education and Outreach Projects
We would also like to connect everyone working on bird education and outreach with each other by creating an on-line inventory of existing education and outreach projects. Please submit a project description for any existing education and outreach projects using the form below. If you are interested in viewing the list of bird educators and bird education projects in California, click here. If you don't see yourself on this list, submit an entry in the form below!

Flight Log: Education Edition
The CalPIF Flight Log #12 focused on CalPIF Education and Outreach. It highlighted existing projects and future directions for this important component of the CalPIF program. Click here to view this publication.

Please feel free to email me at: with comments, suggestions, and questions.

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