Grassland Bird Conservation Plan
Artwork by Zac Denning

Lead Author:
Bob Allen

Supporting Author:
Melissa Pitkin, PRBO Conservation Science

An Excerpt from the Executive Summary:
This Draft Grassland Bird Conservation Plan is a collaborative effort of California Partners in Flight. It has been developed to guide conservation policy and action on behalf of grassland habitats and birds. The geographic scope of this plan is the distribution of annual and native perennial grasslands in the state, which are found predominantly along the coast and in California’s Great Central Valley. The plan has focused on data concerning seven focal grassland bird species that are dependent on these habitat types. A primary finding of this plan, and therefore its most important recommendation, is the paucity of data concerning grassland bird species and the need to collect basic information concerning species distribution, productivity and survival before extensive conservation recommendations can be made.

Recommended Citation
CPIF (California Partners in Flight). 2000. Version 1.0. The draft grassland bird conservation plan: a strategy for protecting and managing grassland habitats and associated birds in California (B. Allen, lead author). Point Reyes Bird Observatory, Stinson Beach, CA.

Feedback on Plan Use:
We are looking for as much input from resource managers, biologists, and the public as possible, so please send us your feedback.

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Focal Species Accounts and Range and Breeding Status Maps:

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