Oak Woodland Bird Conservation Plan

Artwork by Adrienne Olmstead

Lead author:
Dr. Steve Zack, Wildlife Conservation Society,

Supporting Authors:
Grant Ballard, Gregg Elliott, Tom Gardali, Geoff Geupel, Sacha Heath, Aaron Holmes, Diana Humple, Mike Lynes, Sandy Scoggin, Diana Stralberg

An Excerpt from the Executive Summary:
This Oak Woodland Bird Conservation Plan is a collaborative effort of California Partners in Flight. It has been developed to guide conservation policy and action on behalf of oak woodland habitats and wildlife. The plan has focused on data concerning bird species that are dependent on oak woodlands, but conservation recommendations have broad applicability for all oak woodland habitats and, if implemented, would benefit many oak woodland species.

Recommended Citation
CalPIF (California Partners in Flight). 2002. Version 2.0. The oak woodland bird conservation plan: a strategy for protecting and managing oak woodland habitats and associated birds in California (S. Zack, lead author). Point Reyes Bird Observatory, Stinson Beach, CA.

Feedback on Plan Use:
We are looking for as much input from resource managers, biologists, and the public as possible, so please send us your feedback.

Read the Oak Woodland Bird Conservation Plan Version 2.0.

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