Summaries of individual species conservation plans: Cismontane lowland shrublands

Coastal Lesser Nighthawk


No formal listing unrecognized as being in trouble, escaped attention of conservation community

Disjunct coastal, desert populations

Concerned about coastal one (should be listed?)

Trend (conjectural); substantial loss in the lower, coastal mesas and drainages (dry washes) ; local Extirpation probably fairly extensive

Spotty current distribution.


1 pair per several hundred hectares?

Extremely mobile and migratory

Aerial foraging, over farmland, drawn to lights with bugs

Relatively level topography, naturally open (as opposed to disturbed open with weeds)

Cobbly ground substrate

Vernal pool soils (Dry)

Large block of habitat with low human, pet disturbance, seem sensitive to disturbance during nesting.

Coastal sage scrub with openness, dwarf Chaparral

Ground nester


Natural density probably fairly low density?

Need large blocks of land for nesting

Vulnerability of nesting habitat to development

Most original habitat already lost

Road kill? Drawn to lights

Human and pet disturbance, seem sensitive to disturbance during nesting.

Unknown migration

Most knowledge based on desert populations (differences?)

Much natural history info unknown (renest after disturbance? How many broods? Migration, nest success?

Low nest success?

Grazing (trampling, secondarily vegetation changes caused by grazing; herbaceous growth)

Very few known breeding locations

Vulnerable to extirpation due to low density

Very unknown species


Identify and preserve breeding locations

Increase number of individuals

Find ways to manage existing potential habitat better for nighthawks


Find new breeding locations and protect

Identify suitable habitat, survey those

Identify mechanisms for density

Investigate historical distribution/density information; candidate for listing?

Investigate response to fire

Investigate weed control

Investigate taxonomy

Identify potential habitat and management practices to benefit nighthawks; eg., could landfills be managed for them?