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  Author Title Year Publication Volume Pages Contribution Id Orig Record (down) Links
Howell, S.N.G.; B.M. de Montes. Status of the glossy ibis in Mexico 1989 American Birds 43 43-45 PRBO details   openurl
Evens, J.G. Reproductive success of osprey at Kent Lake, California, 1987 1987 Report to Marin Municipal Water District, PRBO details  
Howell, S.N.G. Additional information on the birds of the Campeche Bank, Mexico 1989 Journal of Field Ornithology 60 504-509 PRBO details   openurl
Allen, S.G.; J.F. Penniman; D.G. Ainley. Movement and activity patterns of harbor seals at Drakes Estero, California, 1986-87 1987 Report to National Marine Sanctuary Programs Office, PRBO details  
Carter, H.R.; G.W. Page. Central California oil spill contingency plan: assessment of numbers and species composition of dead beached birds 1989 NOAA Technical Memorandum NOS MEMD PRBO details  
Stenzel, L.E.; G.W. Page; H.R. Carter; D.G. Ainley. Seabird mortality in California as witnessed through 14 years of beached bird censuses 1988 Report to Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, PRBO details   pdf
Fraser, W.R.; R.L. Pitman; D.G. Ainley. Seabird and fur seal responses to vertically migrating winter krill swarms in Antarctica 1989 Polar Biology 10 37-41 PRBO details   openurl
Wahl, T.R.; D.G. Ainley; A.H. Benedict; A.R. DeGange. Associations between seabirds and water-masses in the northern Pacific Ocean in summer. Associations between seabirds and water-masses in the northern Pacific Ocean in summer. 1989 Marine Biology 103 1-11 PRBO details   openurl
DeSante, D.F.; L.F. Baptista. Factors affecting the termination of breeding in Nuttall's White-crowned Sparrow 1989 Wilson Bulletin 101 120-124 PRBO details   pdf openurl
Huber, H.R. Effects of the 1982-83 El Nino on northern elephant seals on the South Farallon Islands, California 1991 In: Pinnipeds and El Nino: responses to environmental stress, PRBO details  
Huber, H.R. Survival, tag loss and emigration in immature northern elephant seals on the Farallon Islands, California 1992 PRBO details  
Sanger, G.A.; D.G. Ainley. Review of the distribution and feeding ecology of seabirds in the oceanic subarctic North Pacific Ocean 1988 Bulletin of Ocean Research Institute, University of Tokyo 26 161-186 PRBO details   openurl
Ainley, D.G.; D.P. DeMaster. Upper trophic levels in polar marine ecosystems 1990 In: W.O. Smith (ed.), Polar oceanography, Part B: PRBO details  
Ainley, D.G.; W.R. Fraser; L.B. Spear. Influence of plastic in the diets of Antarctic seabirds 1990 In: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Marine Debris (NOAA TM NMFS SWFSC- 682-691 PRBO details  
Page, G.W.; H.R. Carter; R.G. Ford. Numbers of seabirds killed or debilitated in the 1986 Apex Houston oil spill in central California 1990 Studies in Avian Biology 14 164-174 PRBO details   openurl
Takekawa, J.E.; H.R. Carter; T.E. Harvey. Decline of the common murre (Uria aalge) in central California, 1980-1986 1990 Studies in Avian Biology 14 149-163 PRBO details   openurl
Sydeman, W.J.; J. Penniman; T. Penniman; P. Pyle; D.G. Ainley. Breeding performance in the western gull: effects of parental age, timing of breeding and year in relation to food availability 1991 Journal of Animal Ecology 60 135-149 PRBO details   openurl
DeSante, D.F. Commentary on the 1987 WBBA 1988 North American Bird Bander 13 101-102 PRBO details   openurl
Warnock, N. Piracy by ring-necked gulls on dunlins 1988 Wilson Bulletin 101 96-97 PRBO details   openurl
Carter, H.R.; R.A. Erickson. Population status and conservation problems of the marbled murrelet in California, 1892-1987 1988 Report to California Department of Fish and Game, PRBO details  
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