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Stenzel, L.E.; G.W. Page. Results of the 16-18 April 1988 shorebird census of San Francisco and San Pablo Bays 1988 PRBO draft report, PRBO details  
Wold, E.; G.R. Geupel; D. Fortna; K. Koepcke; E. Reese; D.F. DeSante. Breeding-bird census - coastal scrub 1989 Journal of Field Ornithology PRBO details  
Geupel, G.R.; E. Wold; H. Owen; M. Elokonich; D.F. DeSante. Breeding-bird census - disturbed coastal scrub A 1989 Journal of Field Ornithology PRBO details  
Wold, E.; G.R. Geupel; C. Hutchinson; M.M. Coontz; D.F. DeSante. Breeding-bird census - disturbed coastal scrub B 1989 Journal of Field Ornithology PRBO details  
Page, G.W.; F.C. Bidstrup; R.J. Ramer; L.E. Stenzel. Distribution of wintering snowy plovers in California and adjacent states 1986 Western Birds 17 145-170 PRBO details   openurl
Howell, S.N.G.; S. Webb; B.M. de Montes. Notes on tropical terns in Mexico 1990 American Birds 44 381-383 PRBO details   openurl
Warnock, N.; S. Griffin; L.E. Stenzel. Results of the 22-23 April 1989 shorebird census in coastal wetlands of San Diego County and northern Baja California 1989 PRBO Report PRBO details  
Murphy, M.E.; J.R. King; T.G. Taruscio; G.R. Geupel. Amino acid composition of feather barbs and rachises in three species of pygoscelid penguins: nutritional implications 1990 The Condor 92 913-921 PRBO details   openurl
Howell, S.N.G. Notes on the Honduran emerald 1989 The Wilson Bulletin 101 642-643 PRBO details   openurl
Dickey, K. Bibliography of marine research in the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, Part I: 1970-1987 1988 Report to NOAA, PRBO details  
Sander, T.G. Aspects of the breeding biology and recolonization history of rhinoceros auklets (Cerorhinca monocerata) on Southeast Farallon Island, California 1986 PRBO Report PRBO details  
Dierks, A.J. Population size and reproductive success of California gulls at Mono Lake, California, in 1988, with emphasis on the Negit Islets 1988 PRBO Report PRBO details  
Nelson, D.A. Gull predation on Cassin's auklet varies with the lunar cycle 1989 The Auk 106 495-497 PRBO details   openurl
Sydeman, W.J.; J.O. Eddy. Repeatability in laying date and its relationship to individual quality for common murres 1995 The Condor 97 1048-1052 PRBO details   openurl
Carter, H.R.; L.E. Stenzel; M.J. Rauzon; S.D. Emslie; G.W. Page. Breeding population size and fledging success of double-crested cormorants (Phalacrocorax auritus) on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge and the Farallon Islands, California, in 1988 1989 Report to Chevron, PRBO details  
Geupel, G.R.; D.F. DeSante. Incidence and determinants of double brooding in wrentits 1990 The Condor 92 67-75 PRBO details   pdf openurl
Page, G.W. Nesting success of snowy plovers in central coastal California in 1988 1988 PRBO Report PRBO details  
Page, G.W.; P.L. Quinn; J.C. Warriner. Comparison of the breeding of hand- and wild-reared snowy plovers 1989 Conservation Biology 3 198-201 PRBO details   openurl
Page, G.W.; L.E. Stenzel; J.G. Evens; R.W. Stallcup. Black rails and California clapper rails in Suisun Bay and Carquinez Strait tidal marshes 1989 Report to ENTRIX, Inc., PRBO details   pdf
Emslie, S.D.; R.P. Henderson; D.G. Ainley. Annual variation of primary molt with age and sex in Cassin's auklet 1990 The Auk 107 689-695 PRBO details   openurl
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