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Author Title Year Publication (up) Volume Pages
Leonard Liu, Parvaneh Abbaspour, Nadav Nur, Mark Herzog, Nils Warnock San Francisco Bay Tidal Marsh Project Annual Report 2006 50
J. A. Thayer, W.J. Sydeman Lingcod in central California: Food habits during the anomaly of 2005 in comparison with 2006 2007 7
Aaron L. Holmes, Adam Hannuksela, Nadav Nur, and Cody Martz Patterns of bird abundance in relation to western juniper density and management, Steens Mountain, Oregon 2007
Julian Wood, Nadav Nur Bird Response to Restoration: Grayson River Ranch Final Report 2000-2006 2007
Nadav Nur, Geoffrey Geupel, Christine Howell, Thomas Gardali, Grant Ballard, Julian Wood, Ryan Burnett, Mark Herzog Evaluation of avian indicators in riparian habitat: correspondence of density and reproductive success 2007
Cormier, R.L., J.K. Wood, C.A.Howell, T. Gardali, M. Herzog, G.R.Geupel Bird inventory and monitoring along the San Joaquin River: 2003-2005 Comprehensive Report 2006
Cormier, R.L, K. E. Fehring Northern Spotted Owl monitoring on Marin County Open Space Land 2006
Cormier, R.L, K. E. Fehring Northern Spotted Owl monitoring on Marin Municipal Water District Land 2006
Cormier, R.L, K. Kreitinger and G.R. Geupel Assessing potential impacts of a wind turbine site on avian species at McEvoy Ranch in Petaluma, CA 2007
Suryan, R & Sydeman, W Biological "Hotspots" in the California Current as Revealed by Satellite Imagery of Primary Productivity: Implications for Design of a Marine Protected Area Network 2007
Acosta et al. Alcatraz Island Special Event Seabird Disturbance Monitoring Report 2007 2007
Young, Alicia and R.D. Burnett Songbird Monitoring of the Lower Clear Creek Floodway Rehabilitation Project: 2007 Report 2007
Moss, S. and S.K. Heath Bird Populations at Adobe Valley, LLC Property in Adobe Valley, CA. Pre-restoration avian monitoring 2004 - 2007 2007
Moss, S. S. and S. K. Heath Evaluation of Pinyon Removal Effects Typical of a Wildland-Urban Interface Fuels Reduction Project, Mono County, California: Avian Monitoring Component at Rancheria Gulch, 2007. 2007
Christine A. Howell, Mark Dettling, Alicia Young, Irene Koulouris, Julian Wood Breeding Riparian Songbird Monitoring along the Lower Mokelumne River, 2004-2010 2011
Moss, S. S. and S. K. Heath Bird Monitoring of the Bureau of Land Management Bishop Resource Area Long Valley Road Closure Project: Results of the 2007 Field Season 2007
Geupel, G.R., W.D. Shuford, D. Stralberg, G. Ballard, D. Jongsomjit, C.J. Rintoul, M. Herzog, D Moody, C. Hickey Landowner Incentive Program California Bird Species of Special Concern in the Central Valley and Decision Support Tools 2007
Catherine R. Peterlein Reproductive success of Snowy Plovers at Point Reyes National Seashore in 2007 2007
Chrissy Howell and Mark Dettling Evaluating Least Bell's Vireos and their Habitat at the San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge 2008