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Author Title Year Publication (up) Volume Pages
Brent Campos Bird Monitoring to Inform Meadow Restoration on Sierra National Forest. Final Report to the Sierra National Forest. 2021
Chris McCreedy Inyo California Towhee Genomic Assessment and Territory Summary, April 2021 2021
Foster, E.J. and Carey, C.J. A scoping paper for developing rangeland carbon monitoring protocols 2021
Foster, E.J., Paustian, K., Taylor, P., Fitzgibbon, M., Porzig, L., and Carey, C.J. The “Range-C” Monitoring Framework V1.0 2022
Dybala, K.E, Thalmayer, I., Gardali, T., and Carey, C.J. Inoculant-Supported Restoration: A Technical Report 2021
Johns, M.E. and P. Warzybok Northward winter migration of pigeon guillemot (cepphus columba) from their largest colony in California 2022
Burnett, R.D. & A.E. Schmidt Population size and reproductive success of CaliforniaGulls at Mono Lake: 2021 Report 2022
Stenzel, L.E., Hudgens, B.R, Page, G.W., Neuman, K.K., Palkovic, A.L., Erbes, J..L., Dixon, D. Eyster, C.R.D. Dixon, C.R. Eyster, B. Ramer, D. Winter cold weather events, annual adult survival, and implications of climate change for the mating system of the Snowy Plover, a temperate breeding shorebird
Point Blue Conservation Science Environmental Data Catalogfor the Morro Bay Wind Energy Area 2022
Zeno, R., R. Condit, S.G. Allen, and G. Duncan Natal and adult dispersal among four elephant seal colonies
Roberts LJ, Burnett R, Loffland H, Campos B, Gardali T, Dybala KE Foothills to Summit: Conservation Objectives for Birds in California’s Sierra Meadows 2022
Dybala KE Net Impacts of Landscape Change Scenarios: Summary of Task 4 for the project “Trade-offs and Co-benefits of Landscape Change Scenarios on Bird Communities and Ecosystem Services in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta” 2022
Conlisk E, Chamberlin L, Vernon M, Dybala KE Evidence for the Multiple Benefits of Wetland Conservation in North America: Carbon, Biodiversity, and Beyond 2023
Chris McCreedy Inyo California Towhee 2022 Drought Assessment Survey: Report to the Bureau of Land Management 2022
Chris McCreedy Inyo California Towhee 2022 Drought Assessment Survey: Report to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 2022
Jahncke and Howar Whale Data Stream Catalog 2022
McCreedy, Chris is Inyo California Towhee 2022 drought assessment Survey: Combined report
Elliott,ML; Lipski,D; Roletto,J; Warzybok,P; Jahncke,J Ocean Climate Indicators Status Report: 2021 2022
Chris McCreedy Willow Fire: 2022 baseline assessment survey 2022
Veloz, S. Elliott, N., Porzig, E. and Carey, C. Mapping California Rangeland Soil Carbon: A Technical Report. 2022