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  Author Title Year Publication (up) Volume Pages Contribution Id Orig Record Links
Brent R. Campos and Ryan D. Burnett Avian monitoring of the Storrie and Chips Fire Areas: 2014 Annual Report 2015 PRBO details   pdf
Berger, R.W. Farallon arboreal salamander report 2015 2015 PRBO details  
Humple, DL; Dettling, MD Protocol Implementation Plan for Riparian Landbird Monitoring in Pinnacles National Park 2016 PRBO details  
DiGaudio, RT; Humple, DL; Gardali, T Estimating Impact of Mowing in the Silage Fields of Point Reyes National Seashore on Breeding Birds 2015 PRBO details  
Davis, C.V., A.D. Russell, J. Jahncke, E.D. Sanford, B.P. Gaylord, T.M. Hill Seasonality in Planktic Foraminifera of the Central California Coastal Upwelling Region 2015 PRBO details  
Scott Jennings, Arvind Varsani, Katie M. Dugger, Grant Ballard, David G. Ainley Sex-based differences in Adélie Penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae) chick growth rates and diet 2015 PRBO details  
Chris McCreedy and Leonard Warren Amargosa Canyon Songbird Project 2015 Least Bellís Vireo and Southwestern Willow Flycatcher Report 2015 PRBO details   pdf
Bradley, Tietz, Holzman, Valainis, Robinson Farallon Ecosystem Report 2014/2015 2015 PRBO details  
Nelson, KN; Livingston, N; Scott, T. Population size and reproductive success of California Gulls at Mono Lake, California 2015 PRBO details  
Chris McCreedy and Leonard Warren Amargosa Canyon Songbird Project: 2015 Report 2015 PRBO details  
Robinette, D.P., J. Miller, and J. Howar Monitoring and Management of the Endangered California Least Tern and the Threatened Western Snowy Plover at Vandenberg Air Force Base, 2015 2016 PRBO details  
Tietz, J. White Shark Research at Southeast Farallon Island, 2015. Unpublished report to the Shark Trust. 2016 PRBO details  
Brent R. Campos & Ryan D. Burnett Bird and Bat Inventories in the Moonlight, Storrie, and Chips Fire Areas: 2015 report to the Lassen and Plumas National Forests 2016 58 PRBO details   pdf
Wood, JW; N Nur; L Salas; OMW Richmond Site-specific Protocol for Monitoring Marsh Birds: Don Edwards San Francisco Bay and San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuges 2016 PRBO details   pdf
Humple, DL; Jennings, S The Landbird Community at Lands End: A 10-year evaluation of trends in the Coastal Trail Corridor, 2005-2015 2016 PRBO details  
Roberts, LJ; Burnett, RD; Shuford, WD; Page, G Owens Lake Habitat Suitability Model Validation and Refinements 2016 PRBO details   pdf
Chris McCreedy Amargosa River/Willow Creek Confluence Surveys 2015 PRBO details  
L.J. Roberts and R.D. Burnett Sierra Nevada National Forests Avian Management Indicator Species Project: 2015 Annual Report 2016 PRBO details   pdf
Alissa Fogg, Zack Steel, Ryan Burnett Avian Monitoring in Central Sierra Post-fire Areas 2016 PRBO details   pdf
Nur, Bradley, Berger, Jahncke Statistical Power Analysis of Salamander Surveys, 2016 PRBO details  
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