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  Author Title Year Publication (up) Volume Pages Contribution Id Orig Record Links
James Tietz, Geoffrey R. Geupel, Dennis Jongsomjit, and Chris McCreedy Comprehensive Thrasher Surveys in the California Mojave Desert 2022 PRBO details  
Eyster, C. R., DiGaudio R. T., Humple, D. L. Common Raven Assessment for of Point Reyes National Seashore’s Dairy and Beef Ranches 2022 PRBO details  
Roberts, L. Jay; Burnett, Ryan Sierra Nevada National Forest Broad Scale Avian Monitoring: 2021 Annual Report 2022 PRBO details  
Cormier, R. L., D. L. Humple, K. E. Dybala. Abundance patterns of landbirds in the Marin Municipal Water District: 1996 to 2022. 2023 PRBO details   pdf
Chris McCreedy Amargosa Canyon Songbird Project: 2022 Progress Report 2022 PRBO details  
Webber, M.A., W. Keener, A.C. Spears, M.P. Cotter, R.S. Lane, A.R. Payne, and T.M. Markowitz New record of California Coastal Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in Offshore Waters 2023 PRBO details  
Dybala KE, Sesser K, Reiter M, Hickey C, Gardali T Final Project Report: Trade-offs and Co-benefits of Landscape Change Scenarios on Bird Communities and Ecosystem Services in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta 2023 PRBO details  
Fogg, A.M., T. Rust., and R.D. Burnett Year 1 Monitoring Report for the 101 Ranch Conservation Easement 2023 PRBO details  
Fogg, A.M., T. Rust, & R.D. Burnett Year 2 Monitoring Report for the Home Ranch Conservation Easement 2023 PRBO details  
Sorrie, B.A. Avian longevity at a central California banding station 1979 PRBO details  
Huber, H.R. Survival, tag loss and emigration in immature northern elephant seals on the Farallon Islands, California 1992 PRBO details  
Huber, H.R. Changes in the distribution of California sea lions north of the breeding rookeries during the 1982 PRBO details  
Williams, O.E.; G.R. Geupel; N. Nur. Populations of non-breeding wrentits 1992 PRBO details  
Spear, L.B.; D.G. Ainley; S.N.G. Howell; N. Nur. Oceanographic and meteorological affinities of four procellariids in the eastern tropical Pacific 1993 PRBO details  
Collins, J.; J.G. Evens. Evaluation of impacts of Naval Riverine Forces Training operations on nesting habitat of the California clapper rail at Napa River, California, 1992 PRBO details  
Nur, N.; G. Geupel. Osprey: 1993 final report 1994 PRBO details  
Allen, S.G.; D.G. Ainley. Predictive spatial models of marine mammal distribution and abundance in the Gulf of the Farallones, California, 1985- 1992 PRBO details  
Snyder, R.L., M. Clark, L. Salas, W. Schackwitz, D. Leland, T. Stephens, T.M. Erickson, T. Tuffli, M. Tuffli, K.C. Clas. The Soundscapes to Landscapes Project: Development of a Bioacoustics-based Bird Diversity Monitoring Workflow with Multiple Citizen Scientist Contributions 2022 . Citizen Science: Theory and Practice PRBO details   doi
Holmes, A. The effects of saltcedar on resident songbirds in riparian habitats of the Salton Sea 2001 2001 Riparian Habitat and Floodplains Conference proceedings 65-71 PRBO details  
Heath, S. Riparian songbird and habitat relationships in the eastern Sierra Nevada 2001 2001 Riparian Habitat and Floodplains conference proceedings PRBO details  
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