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  Author Title Year Publication (up) Volume Pages Contribution Id Orig Record Links
Kenneth Etzel Avian Response to Wildfire in Riparian Areas of the Owens Valley Alluvial Fan 2011 PRBO details  
Reiter, ME; Shuford, WD; Strum, KM; Hickey CM; Page GW A monitoring plan for wintering shorebirds in coastal California and northern Baja California, Mexico, version 1.0. 2012 PRBO details  
Todd Esque, Robert Webb, Cynthia Wallace, Charles van Riper III, Chris McCreedy, Lindsay Smythe Desert fires fueled by native annual forbs: the 2005 King Valley Fire and its impacts on plant and bird communities in the Lower Sonoran Desert of Arizona 2012 PRBO details  
Nur, Bradley, Salas, and Jahncke The Inter-relationships among House Mouse, Burrowing Owl, and Ashy Storm-Petrel on the Farallon Islands: Modeling the Impacts of House Mouse Eradication 2012 PRBO details  
Berger, R.W. Population Size and Reproductive Success of Northern Elephant Seals on the South Farallon Islands 2011-2012 2012 PRBO details  
Campos, BR; Burnett, RD Avian monitoring in aspen and meadow habitats in the northern Sierra Nevada: 2011 Report 2012 64 PRBO details   pdf
Robinette, D., S. Acosta, and J. Howar Year 1 Results of Baseline Monitoring Within the Point Sur to Point Mugu Study Area of the Seabird Protection Network 2012 PRBO details  
Dennis Jongsomjit, James R. Tietz, Sherie Michaile, Thomas Fonseca, Geoffrey R. Geupel Le Conte’s Thrasher Monitoring in the Carrizo Plain National Monument Report to the Bureau of Land Management 2012 PRBO details  
Dan P. Robinette, Lynne Hargett and Julie Howar Monitoring and Management of the California Least Tern at Vandenberg Air Force Base, 2012 2012 PRBO details  
Dan P. Robinette, Julie Howar, Abram Fleishman, and Lauren De Maio Seabird Population Dynamics and Roost Utilization at Vandenberg Air Force Base, 2012 2012 PRBO details  
Chris McCreedy Le Conte's Thrasher Surveys at Tejon Ranch, 2012 2012 PRBO details   pdf
Morgan L. Ball, Chris McCreedy, Geoffrey R.Geupel, Dan Robinette Protocol-level Southwestern Willow Flycatcher Surveys 2012 PRBO details  
Berger, R. W. Farallon Arboreal Salamander Report 2012 2012 PRBO details  
Robinette, D.P., J. Howar, and A. Fleishman Determining the Breeding Status of Ashy Storm-petrels on Vandenberg Air Force Base, 2012 2012 PRBO details  
Neuman, K.K. Stenzel, L.E., Warriner, J.C., Page, G.W., Erbes, J.L., Eyster, C.R., Miller, E., Henkel, L.A. Apparent survival and reproductive success of captive versus wild-reared Snowy Plovers PRBO details  
Page, G.W., Neuman, K., Warriner, J.C., Warriner, J.S., Eyster, C., Erbes, J., Dixon, D, and Palkovic, A. Nesting of the Snowy Plover in the Monterey Bay area, Califonria in 2012 2012 PRBO details  
Leonard Liu, Julian Wood, Nadav Nur, Leo Salas, and Dennis Jongsomjit California Clapper Rail (Rallus longirostris obsoletus) Population monitoring: 2005-2011 2012 PRBO details   pdf
Ball, M.L. and D.P. Robinette Standardized Savannah Sparrow Surveys of the Santa Ynez River Estuary, 2012 2012 PRBO details  
Ball, R. and D.P. Robinette Monitoring and Management of the Western Snowy Plover at Vandenberg Air Force Base, 2012 2012 PRBO details  
Ryan DiGaudio and Tom Gardali The Carmel River Bird Conservation Plan 2012 PRBO details  
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