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  Author Title (up) Year Publication Volume Pages Contribution Id Orig Record Links
Jongsomjit, D., Stralberg, D., Gardali, T., Salas, L., Wiens, J.A. Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Impacts of Climate Change and Housing Development on Breeding Birds in California 2012 Landscape Ecology PRBO details   pdf
Stephanie Jones and Geoffrey R Geupel (ed) Beyond Mayfield: Measurements of Nest Survival Data 2007 Studies in Avian Biology #34 PRBO details  
Dickey, K. Bibliography of marine research in the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, Part I: 1970-1987 1988 Report to NOAA, PRBO details  
Hobson, K.A.; H.R. Carter. Bill deformity in a Brandt's cormorant chick 1988 California Fish and Game 74 184-185 PRBO details   openurl
Suryan, R & Sydeman, W Biological "Hotspots" in the California Current as Revealed by Satellite Imagery of Primary Productivity: Implications for Design of a Marine Protected Area Network 2007 PRBO details  
Ainley, D.G. Biomass of birds and mammals in the Ross Sea 1985 In: Siegfried, W.R., P.R. Condy & R.M. Laws (eds.), Antarctic nutrient cycles and food webs: PRBO details  
Kaza, S. Biophilic values in cetacean education 1983 Proceedings of the Whales Alive Conference, June PRBO details  
Zack, S.; H. Cooke; G. Geupel. Bird abundance and diversity patterns at the East Park Reservoir site during the El Nino weather of 1998 1999 PRBO Report PRBO details  
Brent R. Campos & Ryan D. Burnett Bird and Bat Inventories in the Moonlight, Storrie, and Chips Fire Areas: 2015 report to the Lassen and Plumas National Forests 2016 58 PRBO details   pdf
Brent R. Campos; Ryan D. Burnett; Zachary L. Steel Bird and Bat Inventories in the Storrie and Chips Fire Areas 20152016: Final report to the Lassen National Forest 2017 PRBO details   pdf
Sorrie, B.A. Bird banding at Point Reyes Bird Observatory, 1966-1977 1979 Numerical summary. PRBO details  
Carter, H.R. Bird communities at sea off California: 1975 to 1983 (book review) 1989 The Auk 106 170-171 PRBO details   openurl
Cormier, R.L., J.K. Wood, C.A.Howell, T. Gardali, M. Herzog, G.R.Geupel Bird inventory and monitoring along the San Joaquin River: 2003-2005 Comprehensive Report 2006 PRBO details   pdf
Wood, J.; Hinic,S.;Cormier,R.; Geupel, G.R. Bird inventory and monitoring along the San Joaquin River: results from Year 1 (March-October 2003) 2004 Report to San Joaquin River Riparian Habitat Restoration Program PRBO details  
Fehring and Gardali Bird Inventory and Monitoring at Laguna de Santa Rosa, Final Report 2006 Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation PRBO details  
Holmes, A.L.; G.R. Geupel. Bird inventory and monitoring at the Naval Weaponry Systems Training Facility, Boardman, Oregon: results from the 1995 and 1996 field seasons 1997 Report to the Department of Navy and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, PRBO details  
White, J.D. Bird inventory of three National Parks of the San Francisco Bay Area: Wintering waterbirds and shorebirds 1999 PRBO Report PRBO details  
Ainley, D.G.; R.C. Wood; W.J.L. Sladen. Bird life at Cape Crozier, Ross Island 1978 Wilson Bulletin 90 492-510 PRBO details   openurl
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