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  Author Title (up) Year Publication Volume Pages Contribution Id Orig Record Links
DeSante, D.F. Birds of Yosemite and the east slope (book review) 1988 American Birds 42 331-333 PRBO details   openurl
Pierotti, R.J.; D.G. Ainley; T.J. Lewis; M.C. Coulter. Birth of a California sea lion, on Southeast Farallon Island 1977 California Fish and Game 63 64-65 PRBO details   openurl
Page, G.W.; L.E. Stenzel; J.G. Evens; R.W. Stallcup. Black rails and California clapper rails in Suisun Bay and Carquinez Strait tidal marshes 1989 Report to ENTRIX, Inc., PRBO details   pdf
Seavy, NE, R. Burnett, P. Taile Black-backed Woodpecker Nest-tree Preference in Burned Forests of the Sierra Nevada, California 0 Wildlife Society Bulletin PRBO details   pdf
Van Velzen, W.T. Black-billed cuckoo records in California 1967 The Condor 69 318 PRBO details   openurl
James R. Tietz and Nathaniel E. Seavy Body size change of eastern and western migrant songbirds on Southeast Farallon Island, CA 2017 PLOS PRBO details  
Humple, DL Book Review of: Ageing North American landbirds by molt limits and plumage criteria: a photographic companion to the identification guide to North American Birds, Part I 2004 Western Birds 35 53-56 PRBO details   pdf openurl
Elliott, ML; Schmidt, A.; Acosta, S.; Bradley, RW; Warzybok, P.; Sakuma, K; Field, JC; Jahncke, J Brandt's cormorant diet (1994-2012) indicates the importance of fall ocean conditions for northern anchovy in central California 2016 Fisheries Oceanography 25 515-528 PRBO details   pdf doi
Pratt, H.M. Breeding attempts by juvenile great blue herons 1973 The Auk 90 897-899 PRBO details   openurl
Stewart, R.M. Breeding behavior and life history of Wilson's warbler 1973 Wilson Bulletin 85 21-30 PRBO details   pdf openurl
Levinson, P. M. ; Schmidt, AE; Morandini, V; Elrod, M.; Jongsomjit, D.; Ballard, G. Breeding Behavior of Colour Aberrant Adelie Penguins (Pygoscelis adeliae) at Cape Crozier, Ross Island, Antarctica 2021 Antarctic Science PRBO details  
Elliott, Meredith L.; Rachel Hurt; and William J. Sydeman Breeding biology and status of the California Least Tern Sterna antillarum browni at Alameda Point, San Francisco Bay, California. 2007 Waterbirds 30 317-325 PRBO details   pdf openurl
Stenzel, Lynne. E., and Page, Gary W. Breeding biology of Charadrius Plovers 2017 Studies in Avian Biology PRBO details  
Pratt, H.M. Breeding biology of great blue herons and common egrets in central California 1970 The Condor 72 407-416 PRBO details   openurl
Ainley, D.G.; R.E. LeResche; W.J.L. Sladen. Breeding biology of the Adelie penguin 1983 University of California Press PRBO details  
Coulter, M.C. Breeding biology of the western gull, Larus occidentalis 1973 M.S. thesis, Oxford University, Trinity College PRBO details  
Hester, M.M.; W.J. Sydeman. Breeding biology, food habits, and conservation of rhinoceros auklets, Cerorhinca monocerata, on Ano Nuevo Island, California, 1993-1995 1996 Finar report to State of California Department of Parks and Recreation, Bay Area District, Ano Nuevo State Reserve, PRBO details  
Heath, S. K. Breeding Bird Assessment of Furnace Creek, Mono County, California: a report prepared for Friends of the Inyo 2006 24 PRBO details  
Heath, S. K. and C. McCreedy Breeding bird assessment on Adobe Valley, LLC properties in Adobe Valley and environs. 2005 PRBO Report PRBO details   pdf
Gutsell, R.; M. Rogers; G.R. Geupel. Breeding bird census - coastal scrub 1991 Journal of Field Ornithology 62 78-79 PRBO details   openurl
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