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  Author Title (up) Year Publication Volume Pages Contribution Id Orig Record Links
Shuford, W.D.; G.W. Page. California gull decoy placement on Negit Island, Mono Lake, California 1985 PRBO special report PRBO details  
Emslie, S.D.; Sydeman, W.J. California nesting seabird survey: phenology and dynamics of birds at the Farallon Islands, 1989 1989 Report to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, PRBO details  
K Fehring, T Gardali California Quail in the Presidio of San Francisco, Banding Report Presidio Trust PRBO details  
Robinette, D.P., J. Howar, J.T. Claisse, and J.E. Caselle Can nearshore seabirds detect variability in juvenile fish distribution at scales relevant to managing marine protected areas? 2018 Marine Ecology PRBO details   pdf doi
Dybala KE, Matzek V, Gardali T, Seavy NE Carbon sequestration in riparian forests: a global synthesis and meta-analysis 2019 Global Change Biology 25 57-67 PRBO details   pdf doi pubbrief_url
Nur, N., R. Bradley, and J. Jahncke Cassinís auklet breeding success 2018 Indicators of Climate Change in California Pp. 232-242 PRBO details  
Warzybok, P. and R. Bradley Cassinís Auklet Foraging Behavior at the Farallon Islands during 2009 2009 Unpublished Report to U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Farallon National Wildlife Refuge PRBO details  
Nur, N; Bradley, R; Jahncke, J Cassinís Auklet Reproductive Success Indicator Indicators of Climate Change in California PRBO details  
Sydeman, W.J.; P. Pyle; S.D. Emslie; E.B. McLaren. Causes and consequences of long-term partnerships in Cassin's auklets 1996 In: J.M. Black (ed.), Partnerships in birds: the study of monogamy 211-222 PRBO details  
Johnston, S.; H.R. Carter. Cavity-nesting marbled murrelets 1985 Wilson Bulletin 97 38720 PRBO details   openurl
Carter, H.R.; G.W. Page. Central California oil spill contingency plan: assessment of numbers and species composition of dead beached birds 1989 NOAA Technical Memorandum NOS MEMD PRBO details  
Michelle Gilbert, Nathaniel E. Seavy, Tom Gardali, and Catherine Hickey Central Valley Floodplain Forest Bird Survey: 2012 Progress Report 2013 PRBO details   file
Central Valley Joint Venture Central Valley Joint Venture 2020 Implementation Plan 2020 PRBO details   url
Ainley, D.G., Ballard, G., Eastman, J.T., Evans, C.W., Nur, N., Parkinson, C.L. Changed prevalence, not absence, explains toothfish status in McMurdo Sound 2016 Antarctic Science PRBO details   doi
Rauzon, MJ; Elliott, ML; Capitolo, PJ; Tarjan, LM; McChesney, GJ; Kelly, J; Carter, HR Changes in abundance and distribution of nesting Double-crested Cormorants Phalacrocorax auritus in the San Francisco Bay area, 1975-2017 2019 Marine Ornithology 47 127-138 PRBO details   pdf url
Elliott, ML; Bradley, RW; Robinette, D; Jahncke, J Changes in forage fish community as indicated by the diet of the Brandtís cormorant (Phalacrocorax penicillatus) in the central California Current 2015 Journal of Marine Systems 146 50-58 PRBO details   pdf openurl
MacMynowski, D. P, , T.L. Root, G. Ballard, and G. R. Geupel Changes in spring arrival of Neotropical migrants 2007 Global Change Biology 13 1-13 PRBO details   pdf doi
Huber, H.R. Changes in the distribution of California sea lions north of the breeding rookeries during the 1982 PRBO details  
Winkler, D.W.; W.D. Shuford. Changes in the numbers and locations of California gulls nesting at Mono Lake, California, in the period 1863-1986 1988 Colonial Waterbirds 11 263-274 PRBO details   openurl
Schmidt Annie E. , L. W. Botsford, D. P. Kilduff, J. M. Eadie, R. W. Bradley, J. Jahncke Changing environmental spectra influence age-structured populations:increasing ENSO frequency could diminish variance and extinction risk in long-lived seabirds 2018 Theoretical Ecology 11 367-377 PRBO details   pdf url pubbrief_url
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