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  Author Title Year Publication Volume Pages Contribution Id Orig Record Links (down)
Julian Wood, Gary Page, Matt Reiter, Leonard Liu, Caitlin Robinson-Nilsen Abundance and Distribution of Wintering Shorebirds in San Francisco Bay, 1990-2008: Population Change and Informing Future Monitoring 2010 PRBO details   pdf url
Julian Wood, Nadav Nur Bird Response to Restoration: Grayson River Ranch Final Report 2000-2006 2007 PRBO details   url
Shuford, W. D., G. W. Page, G. M. Langham, and C. M. Hickey. The importance of agriculture to Long-billed Curlews in California’s Central Valley in fall 2013 Western Birds 44 196-205 PRBO details   pdf url
Geupel, G.R., W.D. Shuford, D. Stralberg, G. Ballard, D. Jongsomjit, C.J. Rintoul, M. Herzog, D Moody, C. Hickey Landowner Incentive Program California Bird Species of Special Concern in the Central Valley and Decision Support Tools 2007 PRBO details   url
Shepherd, LD, CD Millar, G Ballard, DG Ainley, PR Wilson, GD Haynes, C Baroni, & DM Lambert Microevolution and mega-icebergs in the Antarctic 2005 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102 16717 -16722 PRBO details   pdf url
Shuford, W. D. Patterns of distribution and abundance of breeding colonial waterbirds in the interior of California, 2009–2012. A report of Point Blue Conservation Science to California Department of Fish and Wildlife and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Region 8). Available at www.fws.gov/mountain-prairie/species/birds/western_colonial. 2014 PRBO details   pdf url
Shuford, W. D. Coastal California (BCR 32) Waterbird Conservation Plan: Encompassing the coastal slope and Coast Ranges of central and southern California and the Central Valley. A plan associated with the Waterbird Conservation for the Americas initiative. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Region 8, 2800 Cottage Way, Sacramento, CA 95825. Available at: www.centralvalleyjointventure.org/science/bird-conservation-plans 2014 PRBO details   pdf url
Stralberg, D., M. Herzog, N. Warnock, N. Nur, and S. Valdez Habitat-based modeling of wetland bird communities: an evaluation of potential restoration alternatives for South San Francisco Bay. Final report to California Coastal Conservancy, December 2006. PRBO Conservation Science, Petaluma, CA. 2006 PRBO details   pdf url
LaRue, M., Ainley, D., Salas, L., Stammerjohn, S. Dozier, M., Stamatiou, K., Saints, J. Pennycook, N. Nur, and N. Barrington, L. Engaging “the crowd” in remote sensing to learn about habitat affinity of the Weddell seal in Antarctica 2020 Remote Sensing In Ecology And Conservation 6 70-78 PRBO details   doi
Schmidt, A.E; Warzybok, P First Record of the Bridled Mmorph of the Common Murre (Uria aalge) in the Pacific 2011 Western Birds 42 45-48 PRBO details   pdf url
Ainley, D. G., E. L. Crockett, J. T. Eastman, W. R. Fraser, N. Nur, K. O’Brien, L. A. Salas, and D. B. Siniff How overfishing a large piscine mesopredator explains growth in Ross Sea penguin populations: A framework to better understand impacts of a controversial fishery 2017 Ecological Modelling 349 69-75 PRBO details   pdf doi
Holmes, A.L.; D.L. Humple; T. Gardali; G.R. Geupel. Songbird habitat associations and response to disturbance in the Point Reyes National Seashore and Golden Gate National Recreation Area: Report for the 1998 Field Season 1999 Report to Point Reyes National Seashore and Golden Gate National Recreation Area PRBO details   url
Hanak, E., A. Escriva-Bou, B. Gray, S. Green, T. Harter, J. Jezdimirovic, J.R. Lund, J. Medellín-Azuara, P. Moyle, N. Seavy. Water and the Future of the San Joaquin Valley 2019 Public Policy Institute of California report PRBO details   pdf url pubbrief_url
Conlisk E, Chamberlin L, Vernon M, Dybala KE Evidence for the Multiple Benefits of Wetland Conservation in North America: Carbon, Biodiversity, and Beyond 2023 PRBO details   pdf url
Point Blue Conservation Science, San Francisco Estuary Institute, and County of Marin Sea Level Rise Adaptation Framework - A user’s guide to planning with nature: a demonstration in Marin County 2019 PRBO details   pdf url
Marian E. Vernon Integrating climate adaptation into land conservation: A climate-smart framework for land trusts 2020 PRBO details   pdf url
Morandini, Virginia; Duggerm, Katie; Ballard, Grant; Elrod, Megan; Schmidt, Annie; Ruoppolo, Valeria; Lescroël, Amélie; Jongsomjit, Dennis; Massaro, Melanie; Pennycook, Jean; Kooyman, Gerald; Schmidlin, Kara; Kraberger, Simona; Ainley, David; Varsani, Arvind Identification of a novel Adélie penguin circovirus at Cape Crozier (Ross Island, Antarctica) 2019 Viruses 11 PRBO details   pdf doi
Ballard, G.; Schmidt, A.; Toniolo, V.; Veloz, S.; Jongsomjit D.; Arrigo, K.; Ainley, D. Fine-scale Oceanographic Features Characterizing Adélie Penguin Foraging Habitat in the SW Ross Sea 2019 Marine Ecology Progress Series 608 263-277 PRBO details   pdf doi pubbrief_url
David G. Ainley; Katie M. Dugger; Mario La Mesa; Grant Ballard; Kerry J. Barton; Scott Jennings; Brian J. Karl; Amelie Lescroël; Phil O’B. Lyver; Annie Schmidt; Peter Wilson Post-fledging survival of Adélie Penguins at multiple colonies: Chicks raised on fish do well 2018 Marine Ecology Progress Series 601 239-251 PRBO details   pdf doi
Annie E. Schmidt; Louis W. Botsford; John M. Eadie; Russell W. Bradley; Emanuele Di Lorenzo; Jaime Jahncke Non-stationary seabird responses reveal shifting ENSO dynamics in the northeast Pacific 2014 Marine Ecology Progress Series 499 249-258 PRBO details   pdf doi
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