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Author Title Year (down) Publication Volume Pages
Michael E. Johns, Russell W. Bradley, Pete Warzybok, Michelle M. Hester, and Jaime Jahncke Effectiveness of novel artificial seabird nest modules for reducing ambient temperature transfer in a warming climate 2023
Conlisk E, Chamberlin L, Vernon M, Dybala KE Evidence for the Multiple Benefits of Wetland Conservation in North America: Carbon, Biodiversity, and Beyond 2023
Cormier, R. L., D. L. Humple, K. E. Dybala. Abundance patterns of landbirds in the Marin Municipal Water District: 1996 to 2022. 2023
Tietz, J. White shark research ast Southeast Farallon Island 2022 2023 Report to Shark Trust
Cory S. Shake Yolo Bypass Corridors Project: Wildlife Use Monitoring 2023 Point Blue report
Webber, M.A., W. Keener, A.C. Spears, M.P. Cotter, R.S. Lane, A.R. Payne, and T.M. Markowitz New record of California Coastal Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in Offshore Waters 2023
Dybala KE, Sesser K, Reiter M, Hickey C, Gardali T Final Project Report: Trade-offs and Co-benefits of Landscape Change Scenarios on Bird Communities and Ecosystem Services in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta 2023
Robinette, D.P, E.L. Rice, A.P. Fortuna, J.K. Miller, L.A. Hargett, and J. Howar Monitoring and Management of the Endangered California Least Tern and the Threatened Western Snowy Plover at Vandenberg Space Force Base, 2023 2023 Point Blue Report
Robinette, D.P. and J. Howar Seabird Population Dynamics and Roost Utilization at Vandenberg Space Force Base, April 2021 through March 2022 2023 Point Blue Report
Rose, E.T., J.K. Miller, R. Butala, and D.P. Robinette Upland Bird Abundance on Vandenberg Space Force Base: Summary of 2016, 2017, 2020, and 2022 Point Count Surveys 2023 Point Blue Report
Jennings, Scott & Dugger, Katie & Ballard, Grant & Ainley, David. Faster growth and larger size at crèche onset are associated with higher offspring survival in Adélie Penguins 2023 The Auk/Ornithology
Fogg, A.M., T. Rust., and R.D. Burnett Year 1 Monitoring Report for the 101 Ranch Conservation Easement 2023
Fogg, A.M., T. Rust, & R.D. Burnett Year 2 Monitoring Report for the Home Ranch Conservation Easement 2023
Lescroel, Amelie; Schmidt, Annie; Ainley, David; Dugger, Katie; Elrod, Megan; Jongsomjit, Dennis; Morandini, Virginia; Winquist, Suzanne; Ballard, Grant High-resolution recording of foraging behaviour over multiple annual cycles shows decline in old Adélie penguins’ performance 2023 Proceedings of the Royal Society B
Polito M., B. Robinson, P. Warzybok, and R.W. Bradley Population Dynamics and Resource Availability Drive Seasonal Shifts in the Consumptive and Competitive impacts of Introduced House Mice (Mus musculus) on a Coastal Island Ecosystem 2022
Victoria L. Seher, Barbara A. Holzman, Ellen Hines, Russell W. Bradley, Pete Warzybok & Benjamin H. Becker Ocean-influenced estuarine habitat buffers high interannual variation in seabird reproductive success 2022 Marine Ecology Progress Series
Point Blue Conservation Science Environmental Data Catalog for the Humboldt Wind Energy Area 2022
Foster, E.J., Paustian, K., Taylor, P., Fitzgibbon, M., Porzig, L., and Carey, C.J. The “Range-C” Monitoring Framework V1.0 2022
Johns, M.E. and P. Warzybok Northward winter migration of pigeon guillemot (cepphus columba) from their largest colony in California 2022
Tietz, J. White shark research at Southeast Farallon Island, 2021. 2022 Unpublished report