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  Author Title Year (down) Publication Volume Pages Contribution Id Orig Record Links
Cormier RL, Humple DL, Gardali T, Seavy NE Migratory connectivity of Golden-crowned Sparrows from two wintering regions in California 2016 Animal Migration 3 48-56 PRBO details   pdf openurl pubbrief_url
Robinette, D.P. and J. Howar Seabird Population Dynamics and Roost Utilization at Vandenberg Air Force Base, April 2015 through March 2016 2016 PRBO details  
Ryan Berger, Julie Howar, Russell Bradley, Nadav Nur, and Jaime Jahncke. Using Habitat Modeling to Assess the Distribution, Abundance and Population Size of Farallon Arboreal Salamanders on Southeast Farallon Island, CA 2016 PRBO details  
Dybala KE, Walsh RG, Seavy NE Monitoring Least Bell’s Vireo (Vireo bellii pusillus) and comparing breeding landbird populations at the Dos Rios Ranch restoration site and San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge 2015-2016 2016 PRBO details   pdf
Dan P. Robinette, Jamie K. Miller, and Julie Howar Monitoring and Management of the Endangered California Least Tern and the Threatened Western Snowy Plover at Vandenberg Air Force Base, 2016 2016 PRBO details  
Warzybok, P.M., R. Berger, and R.W. Bradley Population Size and Reproductive Performance of Seabirds on Southeast Farallon Island, 2016.Unpublished report to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 2016 Report to USFWS PRBO details   pdf
Ainley, D.G., Ballard, G., Eastman, J.T., Evans, C.W., Nur, N., Parkinson, C.L. Changed prevalence, not absence, explains toothfish status in McMurdo Sound 2016 Antarctic Science PRBO details   doi
Salas, L., N. Nur, D. Ainley, J. Burns, J. Rotella, and G. Ballard Coping with the loss of large, energy-dense prey: A potential bottleneck for Weddell Seals in the Ross Sea 2016 Ecological Applications PRBO details   pdf
Dybala KE, Walsh RG, Seavy NE Avian community response to a large-scale restoration experiment at the Cosumnes River Preserve, 2011-2016 2016 PRBO details   pdf
Nelson, KN Population size and reproductive success of california gulls at Mono Lake, California 2016 PRBO details  
Alicia D. Herrera & Ryan D. Burnett Avian Monitoring of the Lower Clear Creek Aquatic Habitat Mercury Abatement Project 2016 PRBO details   pdf
Chris McCreedy Amargosa Canyon Songbird Project 2016 Least Bell’s Vireo and Southwestern Willow Flycatcher Report 2016 PRBO details  
Chris McCreedy Afton Canyon Songbird Project: 2016 Survey Report 2016 PRBO details  
Orsolya Vincze1,2*, Andras Kosztolanyi1,3, Zoltan Barta1, Clemens K€upper4, Monif Alrashidi5, Juan A. Amat6, Araceli Arg€uelles Tico7, Fiona Burns8, John Cavitt9, Warren C. Conway10, Medardo Cruz-Lopez11, Atahualpa Eduardo Desucre-Medrano12, Natalie dos Remedios13, Jordi Figuerola6, Daniel Galindo-Espinosa14, Gabriel E. Garc&#305;a-Pe~na15,16, Salvador Gomez Del Angel12, Cheri Gratto-Trevor17, Paul J€onsson18, Penn Lloyd19, Tomas Montalvo20, Jorge Enrique Parra7, Raya Pruner21, Pinjia Que22, Yang Liu23, Sarah T. Saalfeld24, Rainer Schulz25, Lorenzo Serra26, James J. H. St Clair27, Lynne E. Stenzel28, Michael A. Weston29, Ma€&#305; Yasue30, Sama Zefania31 and Tamas Szekely Parental cooperation in a changing climate: fluctuating environments predict shifts in care division 2016 Global Ecology and Biogeography PRBO details  
Chris McCreedy Amargosa Canyon Songbird Project: 2016 Report 2016 PRBO details  
Campos, BR; Burnett, RD Monitoring bird response to Childs Meadow restoration: 2016 annual report to The Nature Conservancy 2016 PRBO details   pdf
Dettling, MD, NE Seavy, CA Howell, and T Gardali Current status of Western Yellow-billed Cuckoo along the Sacramento and Feather rivers, California 2015 PLoSOne PRBO details   pdf url
Humple, DL; Gardali, TG The Avian Monitoring Program for the Presidio of San Francisco 2015 PRBO details   pdf
Schmidt, Annie E.; Kristen E. Dybala; Louis W. Botsford; John M. Eadie; Russell W. Bradley; Jaime Jahnck Shifting Effects of Ocean Conditions on Survival and Breeding Probability of a Long- Lived Seabird 2015 PLoS ONE e0132372 PRBO details   pdf doi
Elliott, ML; Bradley, RW; Robinette, D; Jahncke, J Changes in forage fish community as indicated by the diet of the Brandt’s cormorant (Phalacrocorax penicillatus) in the central California Current 2015 Journal of Marine Systems 146 50-58 PRBO details   pdf openurl
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