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Studwell, A; Hines, E; Elliott, ML; Howar, J; Holzman, B; Nur, N; Jahncke, J Using habitat risk assessment to assess disturbance from maritime activities to inform seabird conservation in a coastal marine ecosystem. 2019 Ocean and Coastal Management PRBO details  
Dr Amelie Lescroel, Dr Olivier Gimenez, Dr Clara Péron, Dr David Grémillet, Dr. Jerome Fort, Mr Pascal Provost Fishery discards do not compensate natural prey shortage in Northern gannets from the English Channel 2019 Biological Conservation PRBO details  
Marian E. Vernon Sierra Meadow Prioritization Tool User Guide and Data Dictionary 2019 PRBO details   pdf
Nur, N.; Jongsomjit, D.; Veloz, S. Swainsonís Hawk Foraging Study: Analysis of Foraging in Relation to Crop Characteristics in the Central Valley, California 2019 PRBO details  
L. Jay Roberts, Ryan D. Burnett, Coye L. Burnett Vegetation and Avian Response to Aspen Restoration on the Almanor Ranger District 2019 PRBO details  
L. Jay Roberts, Ryan D. Burnett, Coye L. Burnett Vegetation and Avian Response to Black Oak Restoration in Lassen National Forest 2019 PRBO details  
Morandini, Virginia; Amelie Lescroel; Dennis Jongsomjit; Suzanne Winquist; Annie Schmidt; Grant Ballard; Peter Kappes; Katie M Dugger Prevalence of three-chick nests in Adelie Penguins Pygoscelis adeliae at Cape Crozier, Ross Island 2019 Marine Ornithology 47 77-80 PRBO details   pdf url
Morandini, Virginia; Duggerm, Katie; Ballard, Grant; Elrod, Megan; Schmidt, Annie; Ruoppolo, Valeria; Lescroël, Amélie; Jongsomjit, Dennis; Massaro, Melanie; Pennycook, Jean; Kooyman, Gerald; Schmidlin, Kara; Kraberger, Simona; Ainley, David; Varsani, Arvind Identification of a novel Adélie penguin circovirus at Cape Crozier (Ross Island, Antarctica) 2019 Viruses 11 PRBO details   pdf doi
Barnard, P.L., L.H. Erikson, A.C. Foxgrover, J. Finzi Hart, P. Limber, A.C. OíNeill, M. van Ormondt, S. Vitousek, N. Wood, M. Hayden, and J.M. Jones Dynamic flood modeling essential to assess the coastal impacts of climate change 2019 Scientific Reports 9 Article number 4309 PRBO details   pdf doi
Lisovski, S., S. Bauer, M. Briedis, S.C. Davidson, K.L. Dhanjal-Adams, M.T. Hallworth, J. Karagicheva, C.M. Meier, B. Merkel, J. Ouwehand, L. Pedersen, E. Rakhimberdiev, A. Roberto-Charron, N.E. Seavy, M.D. Sumner, C.M. Taylor, S.J. Wotherspoon, E.S. Bridge. Light-Level Geolocator Analyses: A userís guide. Journal of Animal Ecology. 2019 Journal of Animal Ecology PRBO details   pdf
Lisovski, S., Z. Németh, J.C. Wingfield, J.S. Krause, K.A. Hobson, N.E. Seavy, J. Gee and M. Ramenofsky. Distribution and migration pattern of Gambelís White-crowned Sparrow along the Pacific Flyway 2019 Journal of Ornithology PRBO details   pdf
La Rue, M., L. Salas, D. Ainley, N. Nur, S. Stammerjohn, L. Barrington, Luke, K. Stamatiou, J. Pennycook, M. Dozier, Melissa, J. Saints, and H. Nakamura Physical and ecological factors explain the distribution of Ross Sea Weddell seals during the breeding season 2019 Marine Ecology Progress Series 612 193-208 PRBO details   doi
Sussman, A. L., B. Beth Gardner, E. M. Adams, L. Salas, K. P. Kenow, D. R. Luukkonen, M. J. Monfils, W. P. Mueller, K. A. Williams, M. Leduc-Lapierre, and E. F. Zipkin A comparative analysis of common methods to identify waterbird hotspots 2019 Methods in Ecology and Evolution PRBO details   doi
Brent R. Campos, Marian E. Vernon, Todd R. Sloat, and Ryan D. Burnett Storrie Fire Meadows Field Assessment Summary Report and Recommendations 2019 PRBO details   pdf
Nina Bednarsek Abrupt and persistent ecological alteration of pelagic gastropod community in response to the 2014-2016 extreme climatic events 2019 PRBO details  
Eli T. Rose and Dan P. Robinette Trends in Riparian Bird Abundance on Vandenberg Air Force Base: 1998 to 2019 2019 PRBO details  
Wood, J., M. Hayden, S. Veloz, N. Nur, R. Synder, and M. Elrod. South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project Phase 2 Science Synthesis Report 2019 Report to the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project and the California Wildlife Foundation PRBO details   pdf
DiGaudio, R., D.L. Humple Landbird Monitoring in One Tam 2018 and 2019: Final report to the Golden Gate National Parks Conervancy 2019 PRBO details   pdf
Nelson, K.N. and N. Livingston Population siza and reproductive success of California Gulls at Mono Lake, California 2019 PRBO details  
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