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Erikson, L.; Barnard, P.; O’Neill, A.; Wood, N.; Jones, J.; Finzi Hart, J.; Vitousek, S.; Limber, P.; Hayden, M.; Fitzgibbon, M.; Lovering, J.; Foxgrover, A. Projected 21st Century Coastal Flooding in the Southern California Bight. Part 2: Tools for Assessing Climate Change-Driven Coastal Hazards and Socio-Economic Impacts 2018 Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 6 19 PRBO details   pdf url
Dybala KE, Engilis A, Trochet JA, Engilis IE, Truan ML Evaluating riparian restoration success: Long-term, large-scale responses of the breeding bird community in California's lower Putah Creek watershed 2018 Ecological Restoration 36 76-85 PRBO details   pdf doi pubbrief_url
Nur, N., R. Bradley, and J. Jahncke Cassin’s auklet breeding success 2018 Indicators of Climate Change in California Pp. 232-242 PRBO details  
Borker, Abraham L., Russell W. Bradley, Pete Warzybok, Matthew M. McKown, Jared Anderson-Huxley, Chris A. Tarango, and Donald A. Croll Band limited acoustic energy, not call rate, predicts relative burrow density of Cassin's Auklet (Ptychoramphus aleuticus): Implications for passive acoustic monitoring of chorusing species 2018 PRBO details  
Lisovski, S; Schmaljohann, H; Bridge, ES; Bauer, S; Farnsworth, A; Gauthreaux, SA; Hahn, S; Hallworth, MT; Hewson, CM; Kelly, JF; Liechti, F; Marra, PP; Rakhimberdiev, E; Ross, JD; Seavy, NE; Sumner, MD; Taylor, CM; Winkler, DW; and Wunder, MB Inherent limits of light-level geolocation may lead to over-interpretation 2018 Current Biology 28 PRBO details   pdf doi
Seavy, NE, Humple, DL; Cormier, RL; Porzig, EL; and Gardali, T Evidence of climate change impacts on landbirds in western North America: A review and recommendations for future research 2018 Western Birds PRBO details  
Mount, J; Hanak, E; Baerenklau, K; Butsic, V; Chapelle, C.; Escriva-Bou, A; Fogg, G; Gartrell, G; Grantham, T; Gray, B; Green, S; Harter, T; Jassby, D; Jezdimirovic, J; Jin, Y; Lund, J; McCann, H; Medellín-Azuara, J; Mitchell, D; Moyle, P; Rhoades, A; Schwabe, K; Seavy, N; Stephens, S; Swain, D; Szeptycki, L; Thompson, B; Ullrich, P; Viers, J; Xu, Z Managing drought in a changing climate: Four essential reforms 2018 Public Policy Institute of California PRBO details   pdf url
Taillie, P.J., R.D. Burnett, L.J. Roberts, B.R. Campos, M.N. Peterson, and C.E. Moorman Interacting and non-linear avian responses to mixed severity wildfire and time since fire 2018 Ecosphere 9 PRBO details   url pubbrief_url
Michael Valainis, Tim Andriese, Russell Bradley, Jaime Jahncke, and Jeffery Honda Farallon camel cricket, Farallonophilus cavernicolus (Rentz, 1972) (Orthoptera: Rhapidophoridae) relationship with the Ceuthophilinae 2018 Pan Pacific Entomologist PRBO details   file
Michael E. Johns and Pete Warzybok Population size and reproductive performance of seabirds on Southeast Farallon Island, 2018 2018 Report to USFWS PRBO details   pdf
Dan P. Robinette, Emily L. Rice, Jamie K. Miller, Lynne A. Hargett and Julie Howar Monitoring and Management of the Endangered California Least Tern and the Threatened Western Snowy Plover at Vandenberg Air Force Base, 2018 2018 PRBO details  
McCreedy, Chris DESERT AVICACHING Results and Discussion from the 2018 Season 2018 Point Blue Report PRBO details   pdf
L. Jay Roberts; Ryan Burnett; James Tietz; Sam Veloz Recent drought and tree mortality effects on the avian community in southern Sierra Nevada: a glimpse of the future? 2018 Ecological Applications PRBO details   pubbrief_url
Nelson, KN Population size and reproductive success of California Gulls at Mono Lake, California 2018 PRBO details   pdf
James Tietz, Geoffrey Geupel and Chris McCreedy Region-wide Desert Thrasher Monitoring: Results from California 2018 Season Summary Report to the Bureau of Land Management 2018 PRBO details  
James R. Tietz White Shark Research at Southeast Farallon Island 2018 2018 Report to Shark Trust PRBO details  
James R. Tietz Bird migration report on Southeast Farallon Island: Totals and analyses for the 2018 Fall season 2018 Report to USFWS PRBO details  
Julian Wood; Nadav Nur; Annie Schmidt; Megan Elrod; Donna Ball; David Thomson Ensuring a Resilient Tidal Marsh Ecosystem through Healthy Upland Transition Zones: Assessment and Recommendations 2018 Report to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation PRBO details   url
Keogan, K., F. Daunt, […], D.G. Ainley, G. Ballard, J. Jahncke, A. Lescroël, p. Warzybok, […], A. Phillimore, S. Lewis, et al. Global phenological insensitivity to shifting ocean temperatures among seabirds 2018 Nature Climate Change PRBO details   pdf
Newkirk, S., S. Veloz, M. Hayden, W. Heady, K. Leo, J. Judge, R. Battalio, T. Cheng, T. Ursell, and M. Small (The Nature Conservancy and Point Blue Conservation Science) Toward Natural Infrastructure to Manage Shoreline Change in California 2018 California’s Fourth Climate Change Assessment, California Natural Resources Agency: Sacramento, CA. Publication number: CNRA-CCC4A-2018-011. PRBO details   url
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