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  Author Title Year (down) Publication Volume Pages Contribution Id Orig Record Links
Matthew E. Reiter Local and landscape habitat associations of shorebirds in wetlands of the Sacramento Valley of California 2015 Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management PRBO details  
Gary W. Page, Kriss K. Neuman, Jane C. Warriner, Lynne Stenzel & others NESTING OF THE SNOWY PLOVER IN THE MONTEREY BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA IN 2014 2015 PRBO details  
L. Jay Roberts, Alissa M. Fogg, and Ryan D. Burnett Sierra Nevada National Forests Avian Management Indicator Species Project: 2014 Annual Report 2015 PRBO details   pdf
Burnett, R.D. & L.J. Roberts A quantitative evaluation of the conservation umbrella of spotted owl management areas in the Sierra Nevada ecosystem 2015 PlosOne PRBO details   pdf
Manugian, Suzanne; Elliott, Meredith L; Bradley, Russ; Howar, Julie; Karnovsky, Nina; Saenz, Benjamin; Studwell, Anna; Warzybok, Pete; Nur, Nadav; Jahncke, Jaime Spatial distribution and temporal patterns of Cassin's auklet foraging and their euphausiid prey in a variable ocean environment 2015 PLOS One 10 e0144232 PRBO details   pdf doi
Robinette, D.P., J. Howar, M.L. Elliott, and J. Jahncke Use of Estuarine, Intertidal, and Subtidal Habitats by Seabirds Within the MLPA South Coast Study Region 2015 PRBO details  
Robinette, D.P., J. Miller, and J. Howar Monitoring and Management of the Endangered California Least Tern and the Threatened Western Snowy Plover at Vandenberg Air Force Base, 2014 2015 PRBO details  
Samuel Veloz, Leonardo Salas, Bob Altman, John Alexander, Dennis Jongsomjit, Nathan Elliott, Grant Ballard Improving effectiveness of systematic conservation planning with density data 2015 Conservation Biology PRBO details  
Kellermann, JL; Enquist, CAF; Humple, DL; Seavy, NE; Rosemartin, A; Cormier, RL; Barnett; L A birdís-eye view of the USA National Phenology Network: an off-the-shelf monitoring program 2015 Studies in Avian Biology 47 47-60 PRBO details   pdf openurl pubbrief_url
McCreedy, Chris Progress Report to the Amargosa Conservancy on the breeding birds of the southern Amargosa Canyon 2015 Progress Report PRBO details  
Burnett, Ryan D., and Brent R. Campos Avian Monitoring of Northern Sierra Meadows 2015 PRBO details   pdf
Tietz, J. White Shark Research at Southeast Farallon Island, 2014. Unpublished report to the Shark Trust. 2015 PRBO details  
Nadav Nur, Russell W. Bradley, Derek E. Lee, Peter M. Warzybok, and Jaime Jahncke Projecting long-term impacts of mortality events on vertebrate species: Incorporating stochasticity in population assessment 2015 JWM? PRBO details  
Mark D. Dettling and Diana L. Humple Determining Bird Species Composition and Abundance at Hawk Hill following Tree Removal 2015 PRBO details   pdf
Elliott, ML; Jahncke, J Ocean Climate Indicators Report - 2014 2015 PRBO details  
Alissa M. Fogg, Zachary L. Steel and Ryan D. Burnett Avian Monitoring of the Freds and Power Fire Areas. 2015 Report to Eldorado National Forest (USDA Forest Service) PRBO details   pdf
Ainley, D.G.; Ballard, G.; Jones, R.M.; Jongsomjit, D.; Pierce, S.D.; Smith, W.O.; Veloz, S. Trophic cascades in the western Ross Sea, Antarctica: revisited 2015 Marine Ecology Progress Series 534 1-16 PRBO details   pdf doi pubbrief_url
Berger, RW Population size and reproductive performance of pinnipeds on the South Farallon Islands, 2014-2015 2015 PRBO details  
Blake Barbaree, Matthew Reiter, Catherine Hickey, Gary Page Day and Night Habitat Associations of Wintering Dunlin (Calidris alpina) within an Agriculture-Wetland Mosaic 2015 Waterbirds 38 40-46 PRBO details   pdf doi pubbrief_url
Strum, K.M., M. E. Reiter, and C. M. Hickey. 2015 The Pacific Flyway Shorebird Survey 2015 Final report to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service PRBO details  
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