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Veloz, S. Elliott, N., Porzig, E. and Carey, C. Mapping California Rangeland Soil Carbon: A Technical Report. 2022 PRBO details  
Veloz, S., Eliott, N., Porzig, L., C.J. Carey. Mapping California Rangeland Soil Carbon: A Technical Report. 2022 Point Blue report PRBO details  
Golet GH, Dybala KE, Reiter ME, Sesser KA, Reynolds M, Kelsey R Food energy shortfalls and the effectiveness of habitat incentive programs under varying environmental conditions 2022 Ecological Monographs 92 e1541 PRBO details   pdf doi
Fogg, A.M, L.J. Roberts, R.D. Burnett, and B.R. Campos Short-term effects of post-fire salvage logging intensity and activity on breeding birds in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, USA 2022 Fire Ecology 18 PRBO details  
James Tietz, Geoffrey R. Geupel, Dennis Jongsomjit, and Chris McCreedy Comprehensive Thrasher Surveys in the California Mojave Desert 2022 PRBO details  
Wood, Salas, Nur, Elrod Ridgway's Rail Population Estimate 2022 Report to the State Coastal Conservancy PRBO details  
Eyster, C. R., DiGaudio R. T., Humple, D. L. Common Raven Assessment for of Point Reyes National Seashore’s Dairy and Beef Ranches 2022 PRBO details  
Iverson, AR; Humple, DL; Cormier, RL; Hull, J Land cover and NDVI are important predictors in habitat selection along migration for the Golden-crowned Sparrow, a temperate-zone migrating songbird 2022 Movement Ecology PRBO details  
Roberts, L. Jay; Burnett, Ryan Sierra Nevada National Forest Broad Scale Avian Monitoring: 2021 Annual Report 2022 PRBO details  
Spears, A., M.E. Johns, and P. Warzybok Population size and reproductive performance of seabirds on Southeast Farallon Island, 2022 2022 Unpublished report to USFWS PRBO details  
Chris McCreedy Amargosa Canyon Songbird Project: 2022 Progress Report 2022 PRBO details  
Levinson, P. M. ; Schmidt, AE; Morandini, V; Elrod, M.; Jongsomjit, D.; Ballard, G. Breeding Behavior of Colour Aberrant Adelie Penguins (Pygoscelis adeliae) at Cape Crozier, Ross Island, Antarctica 2021 Antarctic Science PRBO details  
Johns, M.E., P. Warzybok, J. Jahncke, P. Doak, M. Lindberg, and G.A. Breed Episodes of high recruitment buffer against climate-driven mass mortality events in a North Pacific seabird population 2021 PRBO details  
Warzybok, P. and J. Tietz 2020 Farallon Island Ecosystem Report 2021 Unpublished Report PRBO details   file
Brent Campos; Karen Pope; Sarah Yarnell; Evan Wolf; Bethany Johnson; Ryan Burnett; Marian Vernon Restoring the Headwaters of Deer Creek at Childs Meadow: Monitoring Plan 2021 PRBO details   pdf
Brent Campos Bird monitoring to inform meadow restoration on Sierra National Forest 2021 PRBO details   pdf
Steel, ZL; Fogg, AM; Burnett, RD; Roberts, LJ; Safford, HD When bigger isn’t better—Implications of large high-severity wildfire patches for avian diversity and community composition 2021 Diversity and Distributions 0 15 PRBO details   pdf doi
Veloz, Sam, Eliott, Nathan, Carey, Chelsea. Porzig. Libby Pescadero Soil Carbon Mapping 2021 PRBO details  
Dybala KE, Sesser KA, Reiter M Spatial Modeling and Prioritization for Bird Conservation in the Delta: : Summary of Task 3 for the project “Trade-offs and Co-benefits of Landscape Change Scenarios on Bird Communities and Ecosystem Services in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta” 2021 PRBO details   pdf
Schmidt, AE; Ballard, G; Lescroel, A; Dugger, KM; Jongsomjit, D; Elrod, M; Ainley, DG The influence of subcolony-scale nesting habitat on the reproductive success of Adélie penguins 2021 Scientific Reports PRBO details  
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