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  Author Title Year (down) Publication Volume Pages Contribution Id Orig Record Links
Porzig, EL; Seavy, NE;, Gardali, T; Geupel, GR; Holyoak, M.; Eadie, JM Habitat suitability through time: using time series and habitat models to understand changes in bird density 2014 Ecosphere 5 PRBO details   pdf pubbrief_url
Humple, DL; Holcomb, JB Winter Movements of Western Grebes and Clark’s Grebes: Insights from Band Recoveries 2014 North American Bird Bander 39 21-28 PRBO details   pdf openurl
Cormier, R.L., N. E. Seavy, and D.L. Humple Abundance Patterns of Landbirds in the Marin Municipal Water District:1996 to 2013 2014 PRBO details  
Julian Wood, Leo Salas, Grant Ballard Integrating Avian Datasets for Management, Modeling, and Visualization: Task 3 Final Report Historical Waterbird Numbers 2014 PRBO details  
Ainley, D., P. Adams, and J. Jahncke Towards ecosystem based-fishery management in the California Current System – Predators and the preyscape: A workshop 2014 PRBO details  
Nelson, KN; Roberts, LJ; Shuford, WD; Burnett; RD Environmental influences on reproductive success of California Gulls at Mono Lake, California, U.S.A. 2014 PRBO details  
Elliott, ML; Jahncke, J Ocean Climate Indicators Status Report - 2013 2014 PRBO details   pdf
Point Blue Conservation Science and TomKat Ranch Educational Foundation Scenario Planning for Climate Change at TomKat Ranch: Final Report 2014 PRBO details  
Ryan DiGaudio and Geoffrey Geupel Assessing bird and bat mortality at the McEvoy Ranch wind turbine in Marin County, California 2009 - 2012 2014 15 PRBO details   pdf
Campos, B.R. & R.D. Burnett Avian Response to Mechanical Aspen Restoration in Sierra Nevada Coniferous Forest 2014 Restoration Ecology PRBO details  
Chris McCreedy Plumage Differences and Wintering Distributions of Sagebrush and Bell’s Sparrows in Arizona 2014 PRBO details  
Dettling, MD, NE Seavy, and T Gardali Yellow-billed Cuckoo Survey Effort Along the Sacramento and Feather Rivers 2012-2013 2014 PRBO details   pdf
Kimberly R. Hall, Mark Herzog, Christine A. Howell, Terry L. Root (ed) Conserving biodiversity in a changing climate: Linking science and management 2014 PRBO details  
Campos, B.R. & R.D. Burnett Avian Monitoring of the Storrie and Chips Fire Areas: 2013 Annual Report 2014 PRBO details   pdf
L. Jay Roberts, Alissa M. Fogg, and Ryan D. Burnett Sierra Nevada National Forests Avian Management Indicator Species Project 2013 Annual Report 2014 PRBO details   pdf
Shuford, W. D. Patterns of distribution and abundance of breeding colonial waterbirds in the interior of California, 2009–2012. A report of Point Blue Conservation Science to California Department of Fish and Wildlife and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Region 8). Available at www.fws.gov/mountain-prairie/species/birds/western_colonial. 2014 PRBO details   pdf url
Berger, R.W. Population size and reproductive success of Northern elephant seals on the South Farallon Islands, 2013-2014. Unpublished report to the US Fish and Wildlife Service. 2014 PRBO details  
Chris McCreedy and Charles van Riper III Drought-caused delay in nesting of Sonoran Desert birds and its facilitation of parasite and predator-mediated variation in reproductive success 2014 PRBO details  
Elrod, Megan; Xeronimo Castaneda and Julian Wood 2014 California Clapper Rail Survey Report 2014 Report to the Invasive Spartina Project PRBO details  
Sesser, K.A., M.E. Reiter, D.A. Skalos, K.M. Strum, C.M. Hickey Waterbird response to practices aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from rice fields in the Sacramento Valley 2014 PRBO details   pdf
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