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  Author Title Year Publication (down) Volume Pages Contribution Id Orig Record Links
Nelson, D.A. The syntactic and semantic organization of pigeon guillemot (Cepphus columba) vocal behavior 1985 Zeitschrift fuer Tierpsychologie 67 97-130 PRBO details   openurl
Wayburn, L. Cooperative strategies for sustainable conservation 1990 Yosemite Centennial Symposium proceedings: PRBO details  
Ainley, D.G.; H.R. Carter; D.W. Anderson et al. Effects of the 1982-83 El Nino-Southern Oscillation on Pacific Ocean bird populations 1988 XIX International Ornithological Congress proceedings: PRBO details  
Briggs, K.; D.G. Ainley; L.B. Spear; P.B. Adams; S.E. Smith. Distribution and diet of two alcids in relation to central California upwellings 1986 XIX International Ornithological Congress proceedings: PRBO details  
Burnett, R.D. and J. DeStaebler Songbird Monitoring in the Lower Clear Creek Floodway Restoration Project, 2002 2003 WSRCD and BOR PRBO details   pdf
Nur, N., Ballard, G., Geupel, G.R. Riparian Bird Species Response to Vegetation and Local Habitat Features: A Regional Analysis 2008 Wilson Journal of Ornithology 120 PRBO details   pdf
Ismar, S., C. Daniel, B. Igic, G. Ballard, C. Millar, A. Fidler, K. McGraw, K. Wakamatsu, B. Stephenson, P. Cassey, D. Dearborn, M. Hauber Sexual plumage dichromatism in a size monomorphic seabird 2014 Wilson Journal of Ornithology 126 417-428 PRBO details   pdf openurl
Stewart, R.M. Breeding behavior and life history of Wilson's warbler 1973 Wilson Bulletin 85 21-30 PRBO details   pdf openurl
Ainley, D.G.; T.J. Lewis; S. Morrell. Molt in Leach's and ashy storm petrels 1976 Wilson Bulletin 88 76-95 PRBO details   openurl
Stenzel, L.E.; H.R. Huber; G.W. Page. Feeding behavior and diet of the long-billed curlew and willet 1976 Wilson Bulletin 88 314-332 PRBO details   openurl
Ainley, D.G.; R.C. Wood; W.J.L. Sladen. Bird life at Cape Crozier, Ross Island 1978 Wilson Bulletin 90 492-510 PRBO details   openurl
Bekoff, M.; D.G. Ainley; A.C. Bekoff. Ontogeny and organization of comfort behavior in Adelie penguins 1979 Wilson Bulletin 91 255-270 PRBO details   openurl
Divoky, G.; K.L. Oakley; H.R. Huber. Pomarine jaeger preys on adult black-legged kittiwake 1979 Wilson Bulletin 91 329 PRBO details   openurl
Pratt, H.M. Directions and timing of great blue heron foraging flights from a central California colony: implications for social facilitation of food finding 1980 Wilson Bulletin 92 489-496 PRBO details   openurl
Shuford, W.D. Acorn woodpecker mutilates nestling red-breasted sapsuckers 1985 Wilson Bulletin 97 234-236 PRBO details   openurl
Johnston, S.; H.R. Carter. Cavity-nesting marbled murrelets 1985 Wilson Bulletin 97 38720 PRBO details   openurl
Volkman, N.J.; W.Z. Trivelpiece. Nest-site selection among Adelie, chinstrap and gentoo penguins in mixed species rookeries 1981 Wilson Bulletin 93 243-248 PRBO details   openurl
Warriner, J.S.; J.C. Warriner; G.W. Page; L.E. Stenzel. Mating system and reproductive success of a small population of polygamous snowy plovers 1986 Wilson Bulletin 98 15-37 PRBO details   openurl
Carter, H.R.; S.G. Sealy. Fish-holding behavior of marbled murrelets 1987 Wilson Bulletin 99 289-291 PRBO details   openurl
DeSante, D.F.; L.F. Baptista. Factors affecting the termination of breeding in Nuttall's White-crowned Sparrow 1989 Wilson Bulletin 101 120-124 PRBO details   pdf openurl
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