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Martin, E.,, G. Ballard Data management best practices and standards for biodiversity data applicable to bird monitoring data 2010 PRBO details   pdf url
Erikson, L.; Barnard, P.; O’Neill, A.; Wood, N.; Jones, J.; Finzi Hart, J.; Vitousek, S.; Limber, P.; Hayden, M.; Fitzgibbon, M.; Lovering, J.; Foxgrover, A. Projected 21st Century Coastal Flooding in the Southern California Bight. Part 2: Tools for Assessing Climate Change-Driven Coastal Hazards and Socio-Economic Impacts 2018 Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 6 19 PRBO details   pdf url
Humple, D.L.; Nevins, H.M. ; Phillips, E.M. ; Gibble, C. ; Henkel, L.A. ; Boylan, K.; & Girman, D.J. Demographics of Aechmophorus grebes killed in three mortality events in California 2011 Marine Ornithology 39 235–242 PRBO details   pdf url
Rauzon, MJ; Elliott, ML; Capitolo, PJ; Tarjan, LM; McChesney, GJ; Kelly, J; Carter, HR Changes in abundance and distribution of nesting Double-crested Cormorants Phalacrocorax auritus in the San Francisco Bay area, 1975-2017 2019 Marine Ornithology 47 127-138 PRBO details   pdf url
Morandini, Virginia; Amelie Lescroel; Dennis Jongsomjit; Suzanne Winquist; Annie Schmidt; Grant Ballard; Peter Kappes; Katie M Dugger Prevalence of three-chick nests in Adelie Penguins Pygoscelis adeliae at Cape Crozier, Ross Island 2019 Marine Ornithology 47 77-80 PRBO details   pdf url
Ainley, D.G.; Ballard, G.; Jones, R.M.; Jongsomjit, D.; Pierce, S.D.; Smith, W.O.; Veloz, S. Trophic cascades in the western Ross Sea, Antarctica: revisited 2015 Marine Ecology Progress Series 534 1-16 PRBO details   pdf doi pubbrief_url
Ballard, G; Dugger, K. M.; Nur, N.; Ainley, D. G. Foraging strategies of Adélie penguins: adjusting body condition to cope with environmental variability 2010 Marine Ecologial Progress Series 405 287-302 PRBO details   pdf url
Shuford, W. D., G. M. Langham, G. W. Page, and C. Hickey. Broad-scale surveys of Long-billed Curlews in California’s Central Valley in 2007 and 2008 2009 Central Valley Bird Club Bulletin 12 29-44 PRBO details   pdf url
Burkett, V.R.; Davidson, M.A. Coastal Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability: A Technical Input to the 2012 National Climate Assessment 2012 National Climate Assessment. Cooperative Report to the 2013 National Climate Assessment 150 pp PRBO details   url
Ralph, C.J.; G.R. Geupel; P. Pyle; T.E. Martin; D.F. DeSante. Handbook of field methods for monitoring landbirds 1993 U.S. Department of Agriculture General Technical Report PSW-GTR- PRBO details   url
Blake Barbaree, Matthew Reiter, Catherine Hickey, Gary Page Day and Night Habitat Associations of Wintering Dunlin (Calidris alpina) within an Agriculture-Wetland Mosaic 2015 Waterbirds 38 40-46 PRBO details   pdf doi pubbrief_url
Fogg, AM; Roberts, LJ; Burnett, RD Occurrence patterns of Black-backed Woodpeckers in green forest of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, USA. 2014 Avian Conservation and Ecology PRBO details   pdf url
Elizabeth L. Porzig, Nathaniel E. Seavy, John M. Eadie, Diana L. Humple, Geoffrey R. Geupel, and Thomas Gardali Interspecific interactions, population variation, and environmental forcing in the context of the community 2016 Ecosphere 7 1-7 PRBO details   pdf url pubbrief_url
Latif, Q. S.; Heath, S. K.; Rotenberry, J. T. Effects of parents and Brown-headed Cowbirds (Molothrus ater) on nest predation risk for a songbird 2012 Ecology and Evolution Early View Online PRBO details   pdf url
Nur, N.; S.L. Jones; G.R. Geupel. Statistical guide to data analysis of avian monitoring programs 1999 U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Biological Technical Publication BTP-R PRBO details   url
Manugian, Suzanne; Elliott, Meredith L; Bradley, Russ; Howar, Julie; Karnovsky, Nina; Saenz, Benjamin; Studwell, Anna; Warzybok, Pete; Nur, Nadav; Jahncke, Jaime Spatial distribution and temporal patterns of Cassin's auklet foraging and their euphausiid prey in a variable ocean environment 2015 PLOS One 10 e0144232 PRBO details   pdf doi
Katie M. Dugger, Grant Ballard, David G. Ainley, Phil O’B. Lyver, Casey Schine Adélie penguins coping with environmental change: results from a natural experiment at the edge of their breeding range 2014 Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution PRBO details   pdf url
Patrick Burns, Matthew Clark, Leonardo Salas, Steven Hancock, David Leland, Patrick Jantz, Ralph Dubayah and Scott Goetz Incorporating canopy structure from simulated GEDI lidar into bird species distribution models 2020 Environmental Research Letters PRBO details   pdf url
KE Dybala, N Clipperton, T Gardali, GH Golet, R Kelsey, S Lorenzato, R Melcer Jr., NE Seavy, JG Silveira, GS Yarris Population and habitat objectives for avian conservation in California’s Central Valley riparian ecosystems 2017 San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science 15 PRBO details   pdf doi pubbrief_url
KE Dybala, ME Reiter, CM Hickey, WD Shuford, KM Strum, GS Yarris A bioenergetics approach to setting conservation objectives for non-breeding shorebirds in California’s Central Valley 2017 San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Sciences 15 PRBO details   pdf doi pubbrief_url
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