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  Author Title Year (down) Publication Volume Pages Contribution Id Orig Record Links
Dybala KE, Clipperton N, Gardali T, Golet GH, Kelsey R, Lorenzato S, Melcer R, Seavy NE, Silveira JG, Yarris GS A general framework for setting quantitative population objectives for wildlife conservation 2017 San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science 15 PRBO details   pdf doi pubbrief_url
Davis, Catherine Predicting Aragonite Saturation State: A Regional Model for the North Central California Shelf 2017 Journal PRBO details  
James R. Tietz and Nathaniel E. Seavy Body size change of eastern and western migrant songbirds on Southeast Farallon Island, CA 2017 PLOS PRBO details  
Ballard, G. and D.G. Ainley Rapidly Diverging Population Trends of Adélie Penguins Reveal Limits to a Flexible Speciesí Adaptability to Anthropogenic Climate Change 2017 PRBO details  
Russell W. Bradley, Pete Warzybok, Gerald J. McChesney, and Jaime Jahncke The challenge of cavity nesting bird restoration in a warming world: evaluating temperatures in artificial and natural seabird nesting habitat to guide management action 2017 PRBO details  
Youngflesh, C., S. Jenouvrier, Y. Li, R. Ji, D.G. Ainley, G. Ballard, C. Barbraud, K. Delord, K.M. Dugger, L. Emmerson, W.R. Fraser, J.T. Hinke, P. O'B Lyver, S. Olmastroni, C.J. Southwell, S.G. Trivelpiece, W.Z. Trivelpiece, and H.J. Lynch Circumpolar analysis of the Adélie penguin reveals the importance of environmental variability in phenological mismatch 2017 Ecoology PRBO details   doi
J. Tietz White Shark Research at Southeast Farallon Island, 2016. Unpublished report to the Shark Trust. 2017 PRBO details  
Alicia D. Herrera Ecological Monitoring of the McConnell Foundationís Ross Ranch 2017 PRBO details   pdf
Ainley, D.G., K. Lindke, G. Ballard, P. O'B Lyver, S. Jennings, V. Toniolo, J. Pennycook, A. Lescroel, M. Massaro, J.A. Santora Spatio-temporal occurrence patterns of cetaceans near Ross Island, Antarctica, 2002-2015: Implications for foodweb dynamics 2017 Polar Biology PRBO details  
D.P. Robinette, J. Howar. D. Barton, R.T. Golightly, and J. Jahncke Baseline Monitoring of Coastally Breeding Seabirds Within the North Coast Study Region of the California Marine Life Protection Act Initiative 2017 PRBO details  
Dan P. Robinette and Julie Howar Seabird Population Dynamics and Roost Utilization at Vandenberg Air Force Base, April 2016 through March 2017 2017 PRBO details  
L. Jay Roberts and Ryan D. Burnett Sierra Nevada National Forests Avian Management Indicator Species: 2016 Annual Report 2017 PRBO details   pdf
Shuford, W. D. Giant Garter Snake: The role of rice and effects of water transfers. Report of Point Blue Conservation Science, 3820 Cypress Drive #11, Petaluma, CA 94954. Point Blue Contribution No. 2133. 2017 PRBO details   pdf
Lukas J. Musher, Peter Pyle, Dave Irons, James R. Tietz IDENTIFICATION OF MALE EUPHAGUS BLACKBRIDS IN FRESH FALL PLUMAGES 2017 Western Birds PRBO details  
Stenzel, Lynne. E., and Page, Gary W. Breeding biology of Charadrius Plovers 2017 Studies in Avian Biology PRBO details  
Stenzel, Lynne. E., and Page, Gary W. Trends in the Abundance and the Effect of Rainfall on Wintering Waterbirds on a Central California Estuary, 1972-2015 2017 Western Birds PRBO details  
Alissa M. Fogg, Zack Steel, R.D. Burnett Avian Monitoring in the Freds and Power Fires 2017 PRBO details  
Dan P. Robinette and Julie Howar Summary of 2011-2015 Monitoring Efforts for the Point Sur to Point Mugu Chapter of the Seabird Protection Network 2017 PRBO details  
Bradley Wilkinson, Jaime Jahncke, Pete Warzybok, Russell W. Bradley, Scott A. Shaffer Variable utilization of shelf break associated habitats by a small generalist seabird in the California Current System 2017 Marine Ecology Progress Series 590 211-296 PRBO details   pdf openurl
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