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Ainley, D. G., E. L. Crockett, J. T. Eastman, W. R. Fraser, N. Nur, K. O’Brien, L. A. Salas, and D. B. Siniff How overfishing a large piscine mesopredator explains growth in Ross Sea penguin populations: A framework to better understand impacts of a controversial fishery 2017 Ecological Modelling 349 69-75 PRBO details   pdf doi
Campos, BR; Burnett, RD; Baber, MB Monitoring bird response to Childs Meadow restoration: 2017 annual report to The Nature Conservancy 2017 PRBO details   pdf
Shuford, W. D., M. E. Reiter, K. M. Strum, M. M. Gilbert, C. M. Hickey, and G. H. Golet. The benefits of crops and field management practices to wintering waterbirds in the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta of California 2016 Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems 31 495-506 PRBO details   pdf doi
Elliott, ML; Schmidt, A.; Acosta, S.; Bradley, RW; Warzybok, P.; Sakuma, K; Field, JC; Jahncke, J Brandt's cormorant diet (1994-2012) indicates the importance of fall ocean conditions for northern anchovy in central California 2016 Fisheries Oceanography 25 515-528 PRBO details   pdf doi
Shuford, W. D., G. W. Page, S. K. Heath, and K. N. Nelson. Population trends and distribution of Snowy Plovers at Mono Lake, California 2016 Western Birds 47 38-49 PRBO details   pdf openurl
Shuford, W. D., K. A. Sesser, K. M. Strum, D. B. Haines, and D. A. Skalos. Numbers of terns breeding inland in California: Trends or tribulations? 2016 Western Birds 47 182-213 PRBO details   pdf doi
Rachel E. Fontana, Meredith L. Elliott, John L. Largier and Jaime Jahncke Temporal Variation in Copepod Abundance and Composition in a Strong, Persistent Coastal Upwelling Zone 2016 Progress in Oceanography 142 1-16 PRBO details   pdf url
Blake Barbaree Molt migration and migratory connectivity of the Long-billed Dowitcher: implications for management of freshwater wetlands and flooded agricultural lands. 2016 Journal of Wildlife Management 80 256-265 PRBO details   pdf doi
Humple, DL; Dettling, MD Protocol Implementation Plan for Riparian Landbird Monitoring in Pinnacles National Park 2016 PRBO details  
Chandler, Tietz, Bradley, Trulio Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia) diet at a migratory stopover site and wintering ground on Southeast Farallon Island, California 2016 Journal of Raptor Research PRBO details  
Nelson, AR; Cormier, RL; Humple, DL; Scullen, JC; Sehgal, R; Seavy, NE Migration patterns of San Francisco Bay Area Hermit Thrushes differ across a fine spatial scale 2016 Animal Migration 3 1-13 PRBO details   pdf openurl pubbrief_url
Shuford, W. D., M. E. Reiter, K. A. Sesser, T. C. Watts, J. A. Dhundale, D. Jongsomjit, and C. M. Hickey. Effects of local and landscape-scale factors on the distribution and abundance of waterbirds in agricultural and wetland habitats of the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta of California 2016 Final Report to The Nature Conservancy 77 pp. PRBO details   pdf
Elizabeth L. Porzig, Nathaniel E. Seavy, John M. Eadie, Diana L. Humple, Geoffrey R. Geupel, and Thomas Gardali Interspecific interactions, population variation, and environmental forcing in the context of the community 2016 Ecosphere 7 1-7 PRBO details   pdf url pubbrief_url
P. E. Michael, J. Jahncke, K. D. Hyrenbach Placing local aggregations in a larger-scale context: hierarchical modeling of black-footed albatross dispersion 2016 PLOS ONE PRBO details  
Robinette, D.P., J. Miller, and J. Howar Monitoring and Management of the Endangered California Least Tern and the Threatened Western Snowy Plover at Vandenberg Air Force Base, 2015 2016 PRBO details  
Tietz, J. White Shark Research at Southeast Farallon Island, 2015. Unpublished report to the Shark Trust. 2016 PRBO details  
Kristin A. Sesser A., Matthew E. Reiter, Daniel A. Skalos, Khara M. Strum, Catherine M. Hickey Waterbird response to management practices in rice fields intended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 2016 Biological Conservation 197 69-79 PRBO details   pdf doi
Brent R. Campos & Ryan D. Burnett Bird and Bat Inventories in the Moonlight, Storrie, and Chips Fire Areas: 2015 report to the Lassen and Plumas National Forests 2016 58 PRBO details   pdf
Wood, JW; N Nur; L Salas; OMW Richmond Site-specific Protocol for Monitoring Marsh Birds: Don Edwards San Francisco Bay and San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuges 2016 PRBO details   pdf
Humple, DL; Jennings, S The Landbird Community at Lands End: A 10-year evaluation of trends in the Coastal Trail Corridor, 2005-2015 2016 PRBO details  
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