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  Author Title Year (down) Publication Volume Pages Contribution Id Orig Record Links
Johns, M.E., P. Warzybok, J. Jahncke, P. Doak, M. Lindberg, and G.A. Breed Episodes of high recruitment buffer against climate-driven mass mortality events in a North Pacific seabird population 2021 PRBO details  
Warzybok, P. and J. Tietz 2020 Farallon Island Ecosystem Report 2021 Unpublished Report PRBO details   file
Brent Campos; Karen Pope; Sarah Yarnell; Evan Wolf; Bethany Johnson; Ryan Burnett; Marian Vernon Restoring the Headwaters of Deer Creek at Childs Meadow: Monitoring Plan 2021 PRBO details   pdf
Brent Campos Bird monitoring to inform meadow restoration on Sierra National Forest 2021 PRBO details   pdf
Steel, ZL; Fogg, AM; Burnett, RD; Roberts, LJ; Safford, HD When bigger isn’t better—Implications of large high-severity wildfire patches for avian diversity and community composition 2021 Diversity and Distributions 0 15 PRBO details   pdf doi
Veloz, Sam, Eliott, Nathan, Carey, Chelsea. Porzig. Libby Pescadero Soil Carbon Mapping 2021 PRBO details  
Dybala KE, Sesser KA, Reiter M Spatial Modeling and Prioritization for Bird Conservation in the Delta: : Summary of Task 3 for the project “Trade-offs and Co-benefits of Landscape Change Scenarios on Bird Communities and Ecosystem Services in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta” 2021 PRBO details   pdf
Schmidt, AE; Ballard, G; Lescroel, A; Dugger, KM; Jongsomjit, D; Elrod, M; Ainley, DG The influence of subcolony-scale nesting habitat on the reproductive success of Adélie penguins 2021 Scientific Reports PRBO details  
Duncan, G.P. Population Size and Reproductive Performance of Pinnipeds on the South Farallon Islands, 2020-2021 2021 Unpublished Report to USFWS PRBO details  
Dettling, M.D.; Dybala, K.; Humple, D.L.; Gardali, T. Protected areas safeguard landbird populations in Central Coastal California: evidence from long-term population trends 2021 Ornithological Applications 123 PRBO details   pdf url pubbrief_url
Aslan, C.E., Zachmann, L., McClure, M., Sikes, B. A., Veloz, S., Brunson, M., Epachin-Niel, R. S., Dickson, B G. Quantifying ecological variation across jurisdictional boundaries in a management mosaic landscape 2021 Landscape Ecology 36 1215 - 1233 PRBO details   doi
Pennington, L. K., Slatyer, R. A., Ruiz-Ramos, D.V., Veloz, S.D., Sexton, J. P How is adaptive potential distributed within species ranges? 2021 Evolution PRBO details   pdf doi
Aslan, C.E. M.W. Brunson, B.A. Sikes, R.S. Epanchin-Niell, S. Veloz, D.M. Theobald, B.G. Dickson Coupled ecological and management connectivity across administrative boundaries in undeveloped landscapes. 2021 Ecosphere 12 PRBO details   doi
Robinette, D.P. and J. Howar Seabird Population Dynamics and Roost Utilization at Vandenberg Air Force Base, April 2020 through March 2021 2021 Point Blue report PRBO details  
Vernon, M. E., R. D. Burnett, and T. Rust Baseline monitoring report for the 101 Ranch conservation easement. Report to the Trust for Public Land, Feather River Land Trust, and Sierra Pacific Industries 2021 PRBO details  
Vernon, M. E., R. D. Burnett, T. Rust, and S. Douthit 101 Ranch Conservation Plan: Objectives, management actions, and monitoring strategy. Report to the Trust for Public Land, Feather River Land Trust, and Sierra Pacific Industries 2021 PRBO details  
Vernon, M. E. and R. D. Burnett Year 1 Monitoring Report for the Home Ranch Conservation Easement 2021 PRBO details  
Eli T. Rose, Regina M. Butala, Nick Lethaby and Dan P. Robinette Trends in Riparian Bird Abundance on Vandenberg Space Force Base: 1998 to 2021 2021 Point Blue report PRBO details  
Gardali, T, Dybala, KE, Seavy, NE Multiple-Benefit Conservation defined 2021 Conservation Science and Practice 3 e420 PRBO details   pdf doi
Neuman, K, N Nur, B Barbaree, M Lau and S Veloz Climate-smart conservation of snowy plovers: a spatial analytic approach 2021 Unpublished Point Blue Report PRBO details  
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