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  Author Title Year (down) Publication Volume Pages Contribution Id Orig Record Links
Dan P. Robinette, Regina Ball, Jamie Miller, and Julie Howar Monitoring and Management of the Endangered California Least Tern and the Threatened Western Snowy Plover at Vandenberg Air Force Base, 2013 2013 PRBO details  
Seavy, Cormier, Gardali Effects of cattle grazing on landbirds in riparian habitats at the La Barranca, Capay, and Sul Norte Units of the Sacramento River National Wildlife Refuge 2013 Report to the Nature Conservancy PRBO details  
Berger and Bradley 2013 Farallon Cricket Report 2013 PRBO details  
Warzybok, Bradley, Grout, Griffiths, Pott, Vickers, Milsaps and McChesney Evaluating the use of non-lethal hazing techniques to minimize potential exposure of Western Gulls to rodenticide from a proposed rodent eradication on the South Farallon Islands 2013 PRBO details  
Nelson, K.; Greiner, A. Population Size and Reproductive Success of California Gulls at Mono Lake, California in 2013 2013 PRBO details  
Mark D. Dettling and Nathaniel E. Seavy Yellow-billed Cuckoo Survey Effort Along the Sacramento and Feather Rivers 2013 2013 PRBO details   pdf
Chris McCreedy Amargosa Canyon Songbird Project: 2013 Report to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife 2013 PRBO details   pdf
Gary Page Nesting of the Snowy Plover in the Monterey Bay area in 2013 2013 PRBO details  
Ballard, G.; Jongsomjit, D.; Veloz, S.D.; Ainley, D.G. Coexistence of mesopredators in an intact polar ocean ecosystem: The basis for de&#64257;ning a Ross Sea marine protected area 2012 Biological Conservation 156 72-82 PRBO details   pdf doi
Jongsomjit, D., Stralberg, D., Gardali, T., Salas, L., Wiens, J.A. Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Impacts of Climate Change and Housing Development on Breeding Birds in California 2012 Landscape Ecology PRBO details   pdf
Spotswood, E.N., Goodman, K. R., Carlisle, J., Cormier, R. L., Humple, D. L., Rousseau, J., Guers, S. L. and Barton, G. G. How safe is mist netting? Evaluating the risk of injury and mortality to birds 2012 Methods in Ecology and Evolution 3 29-38 PRBO details   pdf openurl
Quresh S. Latif , Sacha K. Heath, and John T. Rotenberry How avian nest site selection responds to predation risk: testing an “adaptive peak hypothesis” 2012 Journal of Animal Ecology 81 PRBO details   pdf doi
Seavy, N.E.; Gardali, T.; Golet, G.H.; Jongsomjit, D.; Kelsey, R.; Matsumoto, S.; Paine, S.; Stralberg, D. Integrating avian habitat distribution models into a conservation planning framework for the San Joaquin River, California, USA. 2012 Natural Areas Journal PRBO details   pdf
Gardali, T.; Seavy, N.E.; DiGaudio, R.T.; Comrack, L.A. A Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment of California’s At-Risk Birds 2012 PLOS ONE PRBO details   pdf
Latta, SC; Howell, CA; Dettling, MD; Cormier, RL Use of data on avian demographics and site persistence during overwintering to assess quality of restored riparian habitat 2012 Conservation Biology 26 482-492 PRBO details   pdf openurl
Rebecca Croston, Christopher M. Tonra, Sacha K. Heath, and Mark E. Hauber Flange Color Differences of Brood Parasitic Brown-Headed Cowbirds from Nests of Two Host Species 2012 The Wilson Journal of Ornithology 124 139-145 PRBO details   pdf doi
Roberts, LJ; Burnett, RD; Fogg, AM Sierra Nevada National Forests Management Indicator Species Project: 2011 Annual Report 2012 PRBO details   pdf
DiGaudio, Ryan and Geupel, Geoffrey Avian Monitoring and Assessment for the Landowners Incentive Program - Riparian Agriculture Buffers Initiative 2009 – 2011 FINAL REPORT 2012 PRBO details   pdf
Mark Dettling, Christine Howell, Nathaniel Seavy Least Bell's Vireo and other Songbird Monitoring and Threat Assessment at the San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge 2007-2009 2012 PRBO details   pdf
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