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  Author (up) Title Year Publication Volume Pages Contribution Id Orig Record Links
Burnett, Ryan D. Willow Flycatcher Surveys in the Storrie Fire Area 2019 PRBO details  
Burnett, Ryan D., and Brent R. Campos Avian Monitoring of Northern Sierra Meadows 2015 PRBO details   pdf
Burnett, Ryan, Paul Taillie, and Nat Seavy Plumas-Lassen Administrative Study 2010 Post-fire Avian Monitoring Report 2011 PRBO details   pdf
Butler, R.G.; W. Trivelpiece; D.S. Miller. The effects of oil, dispersant, and emulsions on the survival and behavior of an estuarine teleost and an inertidal amphipod 1982 Environmental Research 27 266-276 PRBO details   openurl
C. John Ralph and Geoffrey R. Geupel Point Reyes Bird Observatory to Point Blue Conservation Science: the Origins, Evolution, and Future Directions of an Innovative, Non-Profit, Science Organization 2019 MEMOIRS OF THE NUTTALL ORNITHOLOGICAL CLUB, 24 PRBO details  
C. McCreedy Willow Flycatcher Activity Budgets on Rush Creek, Mono County, CA: Summary of the 2003 Field Season 2003 Mike Morrisson PRBO details  
Campomizzi, A.; A. Holmes. Bird monitoring at the Fort Sage off highway vehicle area: progress report: 2002 2002 PRBO Report PRBO details  
Campos BR; Burnett RD; Loffland HL; Siegel RB Bird response to hydrologic restoration of montane riparian meadows 2020 Restoration Ecology PRBO details   doi
Campos, B.R. & R.D. Burnett Avian Monitoring of the Storrie and Chips Fire Areas: 2013 Annual Report 2014 PRBO details   pdf
Campos, B.R. & R.D. Burnett Avian Response to Mechanical Aspen Restoration in Sierra Nevada Coniferous Forest 2014 Restoration Ecology PRBO details  
Campos, B.R., R.D. Burnett, H.L. Loffland, & R.B. Siegel Evaluating meadow restoration in the Sierra Nevada using birds and their habitat associations 2014 PRBO details   pdf
Campos, BR; Burnett, RD Monitoring bird response to Childs Meadow restoration: 2016 annual report to The Nature Conservancy 2016 PRBO details   pdf
Campos, BR; Burnett, RD Avian monitoring in aspen and meadow habitats in the northern Sierra Nevada: 2011 Report 2012 64 PRBO details   pdf
Campos, BR; Burnett, RD; Baber, MB Monitoring bird response to Childs Meadow restoration: 2017 annual report to The Nature Conservancy 2017 PRBO details   pdf
Capitolo, P.; W. Richardson; R. Burnett; P. Pyle. First record of an olive-backed pipit in California 2000 Western Birds 31 112-116 PRBO details   pdf openurl
Carey, C.J., Glassman, S.I., Bruns, T.D., et al. Soil microbial communities associated with giant sequoia: How does the world’s largest tree affect some of the world’s smallest organisms? PRBO details   url
Carey, C.J., Gravuer, K., Osleger, D., Gennet, S., and S. Wood Using meta-analysis to understand the effects of rangeland management practices on soil properties and plant-related outcomes in California 2020 California Agriculture 74 101-111 PRBO details   doi
Carney, K.; B.D. Hardesty. Winter bird count - disturbed scrub A 1995 Journal of Field Ornithology 66 30-31 PRBO details   openurl
Carney, K.M.; M. Brown; W.J. Sydeman. The impact of nighttime visitation on the breeding colonial waterbirds of Alcatraz Island: preliminary results 1997 Report to GGNRA, PRBO details  
Carney, K.M.; W.J. Sydeman. Response: disturbance, habituation and management of waterbirds 2000 Waterbirds 23 333-334 PRBO details   openurl
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