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  Contrib No (down) Author Title Year Publication Volume Pages Contribution Id Orig Record Links
2324 Steel, ZL; Campos, BR; Safford, HD Bat occupancy in Sierra Nevada wildfire areas and implications for post-fire forest management 2018 PRBO details   pdf
2323 Campos, BR; Burnett, RD Monitoring bird response to Childs Meadow restoration: 2016 annual report to The Nature Conservancy 2016 PRBO details   pdf
2322 Campos, BR; Burnett, RD; Baber, MB Monitoring bird response to Childs Meadow restoration: 2017 annual report to The Nature Conservancy 2017 PRBO details   pdf
2321 Wood, J. K.*, Elrod, M.L Richardson bay Waterbird Survey Report. 2020 Point Blue Report to Marin Audubon PRBO details  
2320 Elliott, M., Lipski, D., Roletto, J., Warzybok, P., Jahncke, J. Ocean Climate Indicators Status Report: 2019 2020 PRBO details  
2319 Robintte, D.P., M.W. Parker, P. Warzybok, and D. Mazurkywicz. Ashy Storm-Petrel (Oceanodroma homochroa) Range-wide Implementation Plan. 2020 Point Blue report PRBO details  
2318 Robintte, D.P., M.W. Parker, P. Warzybok, and D. Mazurkywicz Ashy Storm-Petrel (Oceanodroma homochroa) Range-wide Monitoring Plan. 2020 Point Blue report PRBO details  
2316 Wege, M., LaRue, M, and L. Salas Citizen science and habitat modelling facilitates conservation planning for crabeater seals in the Weddell Sea. 2020 Diversity and Distributions PRBO details  
2314 LaRue, M., Ainley, D., Salas, L., Stammerjohn, S. Dozier, M., Stamatiou, K., Saints, J. Pennycook, N. Nur, and N. Barrington, L. Engaging “the crowd” in remote sensing to learn about habitat affinity of the Weddell seal in Antarctica 2020 Remote Sensing In Ecology And Conservation 6 70-78 PRBO details   doi
2313 Ainley, D. G., E. L. Crockett, J. T. Eastman, W. R. Fraser, N. Nur, K. O’Brien, L. A. Salas, and D. B. Siniff How overfishing a large piscine mesopredator explains growth in Ross Sea penguin populations: A framework to better understand impacts of a controversial fishery 2017 Ecological Modelling 349 69-75 PRBO details   pdf doi
2312 LaRue, M., D. Iles, S. Labrousse, L. Salas, G. Ballard, D. Ainley, B. Saenz A possible Adélie penguin sub-colony on fast ice by Cape Crozier, Antarctica 2019 Antarctic Science 31 189-194 PRBO details   doi
2311 Campos, BR; Burnett, RD; Loffland HL Bird response to meadow restoration in the Little Truckee River watershed 2020 PRBO details  
2310 Erin Conlisk, Gregory H. Golet, Mark D. Reynolds, Kristin Byrd, Matthew E. Reiter Quantifying the impact of drought on ducks in the California Central Valley 2020 Ecosphere PRBO details  
2309 RL Cormier, HA Allen, DL Humple Abundance Patterns of Landbirds in the Marin Municipal Water District: 1996 to 2019 2020 Point Blue Report PRBO details  
2308 Eberwein, J.R., Homyak, P.K., Carey, C.J., et al. Large nitrogen oxide emission pulses from desert soils and associated microbiomes. 2020 Biogeochemistry PRBO details   doi
2307 Erin Conlisk, Emily Haeuser, Alan Flint, Rebecca Lewison, Megan Jennings Pairing functional connectivity with population dynamics to prioritize corridors for Southern California spotted owls 2020 Diversity and Distributions PRBO details  
2306 Carey, C.J., Glassman, S.I., Bruns, T.D., et al. Soil microbial communities associated with giant sequoia: How does the world’s largest tree affect some of the world’s smallest organisms? PRBO details   url
2305 Carey, C.J., Gravuer, K., Osleger, D., Gennet, S., and S. Wood Using meta-analysis to understand the effects of rangeland management practices on soil properties and plant-related outcomes in California 2020 California Agriculture 74 101-111 PRBO details   doi
2304 Bradford, M.A., Carey, C.J., Atwood, L., Bossio, D., et al. Soil carbon science for policy and practice 2019 Nature Sustainability PRBO details   doi
2303 Rosencranz, J., K. Thorne, K. Buffington, C. Overton, J. Takekawa, M. Casazza, J. McBroom, J. Wood, N. Nur, R. Zembal, G. MacDonald, and R. Ambrose. Rising tides: Assessing habitat vulnerability for an endangered salt marsh-dependent species with sea-level rise. 2019 Wetlands 39 1203-1218 PRBO details   doi
2302 Erin Conlisk, Gregory H. Golet, Mark D. Reynolds, Blake Barbaree, Kristin Sesser, Kristin Byrd, Sam Veloz, Matthew E. Reiter Shorebird distribution models based on real-time and long-term average environmental conditions perform well in dynamic systems 2020 Ecological Applications PRBO details  
2301 K.K. Neuman, R.W. Stein, C.R. Eyster, and T. Gardali Climate-smart conservation of beaches and dunes for western snowy plover recovery, in Monterey Bay, California 2019 Point Blue Conservation Science Report 19 PRBO details   pdf
2300 Rockwood, R Cotton; Jeff Adams; Greg Silber; Jaime Jahncke Estimating effectiveness of speed reduction measures for decreasing whale strike mortality in a high-risk region 2020 Endangered Species Research PRBO details   file
2299 Peterson CA, Marvinney E, Dybala KE Multiple Benefits from Agricultural and Natural Land Covers in California’s Central Valley 2020 PRBO details   pdf
2298 Steel, ZL; Campos, BR; Frick, WF; Burnett, RD; Safford, HD The effects of wildfire severity and pyrodiversity on bat occupancy and diversity in fire-suppressed forests 2019 Scientific Reports 9 PRBO details   pdf doi
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