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2208 Jimenez, A.J., Suryan, R.M., Gladics, A.J., Lescure, L.M., Bradley, R.W., Jahncke, J., Parrish, J., Hipfner, M., Schneider, S.R., Golightly, R.T., and McChesney, G.J. Spatial and temporal variability in the diet of common murres Uria aalge in the California Current System PRBO details  
2207 Ralph and Geupel Point Reyes Bird Observatory to Point Blue Conservation Science: the Origins, Evolution, and Future Directions of an Innovative, Non-Profit, Science Organization 2018 PRBO details  
2205 Dybala KE, Matzek V, Gardali T, Seavy NE Carbon sequestration in riparian forests: a global synthesis and meta-analysis Global Change Biology PRBO details  
2204 Taillie, P.J., R.D. Burnett, L.J. Roberts, B.R. Campos, M.N. Peterson, and C.E. Moorman Interacting and non-linear avian responses to mixed severity wildfire and time since fire 2018 Ecosphere 9 PRBO details   url pubbrief_url
2202 Mount, J; Hanak, E; Baerenklau, K; Butsic, V; Chapelle, C.; Escriva-Bou, A; Fogg, G; Gartrell, G; Grantham, T; Gray, B; Green, S; Harter, T; Jassby, D; Jezdimirovic, J; Jin, Y; Lund, J; McCann, H; Medellín-Azuara, J; Mitchell, D; Moyle, P; Rhoades, A; Schwabe, K; Seavy, N; Stephens, S; Swain, D; Szeptycki, L; Thompson, B; Ullrich, P; Viers, J; Xu, Z Managing drought in a changing climate: Four essential reforms 2018 Public Policy Institute of California PRBO details   pdf url
2201 Seavy, NE, Humple, DL; Cormier, RL; Porzig, EL; and Gardali, T Evidence of climate change impacts on landbirds in western North America: A review and recommendations for future research 2018 Western Birds PRBO details  
2200 Lisovski, S; Schmaljohann, H; Bridge, ES; Bauer, S; Farnsworth, A; Gauthreaux, SA; Hahn, S; Hallworth, MT; Hewson, CM; Kelly, JF; Liechti, F; Marra, PP; Rakhimberdiev, E; Ross, JD; Seavy, NE; Sumner, MD; Taylor, CM; Winkler, DW; and Wunder, MB Inherent limits of light-level geolocation may lead to over-interpretation 2018 Current Biology 28 PRBO details   pdf doi
2199 Mount, J; Gray, B; Chappelle, C; Grantham, T; Moyle, P; Seavy, N; Szeptycki, L; Thompson, B Managing California’s feshwater ecosystems: Lessons from the 2012–2016 drought 2017 Public Policy Institute of California PRBO details   pdf url pubbrief_url
2198 Hanak, E; Lund, JR; Arnold, B; Escriva-Bou, A; Gray, B; Green, S; Harter, T; Howitt, R; MacEwan, D; Medellín-Azuara, J; Moyle, P; Seavy, N Water stress and a changing San Joaquin Valley 2017 Public Policy Institute of California PRBO details   pdf url
2197 Borker, Abraham L., Russell W. Bradley, Pete Warzybok, Matthew M. McKown, Jared Anderson-Huxley, Chris A. Tarango, and Donald A. Croll Band limited acoustic energy, not call rate, predicts relative burrow density of Cassin's Auklet (Ptychoramphus aleuticus): Implications for passive acoustic monitoring of chorusing species 2018 PRBO details  
2196 Piatt, J. and (alphabetically) Mayumi Arimitsu, Barbara Bodenstein, Heather Coletti, Robin Corcoran, Rebecca Duerr, Marisol Garcíia-Reyes, Richard Golightly, Jaime Jahncke, Timothy Jones, Robb Kaler, Kathy Kuletz, Kirsten Lindquist, Gerard McChesney, Jackie Lindsey, Julia Parrish, Heather Renner, Sarah Schoen, William Sydeman, Pete Warzybok Acute starvation and chronic breeding failure of murres in the NE Pacific: Disruption of food-webs by the 2014-2016 marine heatwave PRBO details  
2195 Van Doorslaer, K., V. Ruoppolo, A. Schmidt, A. Lescroel, D. Jongsomjit, M. Elrod, S. Kraberger, D. Stainton, K.M. Dugger, G. Ballard, D.G. Ainley, A. Varsani Unique genome organization of non-mammalian papillomaviruses provides insights into the evolution of viral early proteins 2017 Virus Evolution 3 PRBO details   doi
2194 Fahsbender, E., J.M. Burns, S. Kim, S. Kraberger, G. Frankfurter, A.A. Eilers, M.R. Shero, R. Beltran, A. Kirkham, R. McCorkell, R.K. Berngartt, M.F. Male, G. Ballard, D.G. Ainley, M. Breitbart, A. Varsani Diverse and highly recombinant anelloviruses associated with Weddell seals in Antarctica 2017 Virus Evolution 3 PRBO details   doi
2193 Nur, N., R. Bradley, and J. Jahncke Cassin’s auklet breeding success 2018 Indicators of Climate Change in California Pp. 232-242 PRBO details  
2192 Alexander, J., J. Stephens, S. Veloz, L. Salas, J. Rousseau, C.J. Ralph, and D. Sarr Using Regional Bird Density Distribution Models to Evaluate Protected Area Networks and Inform Conservation Planning. 2017 Ecosphere 8 PRBO details  
2188 Amanda W. Hooper1, Ryan W. Berger2, Lovisa S. Rubin1, Birgitte I. McDonald3, Daniel E. Crocker1 Maternal age influences offspring behavior and growth efficiency during provisioning in northern elephant seals. 2018 PRBO details  
2187 Bradley P. Wilkinson, Michael E. Johns, and Pete Warzybok Horns of light: Fluorescent ornamentation in the rhinoceros auklet (Cerorhinca monocerata) PRBO details  
2186 Dybala KE, Steger K, Walsh RG, Smart DR, Gardali T, Seavy NE Optimizing carbon storage and biodiversity co-benefits in reforested riparian zones 2018 Journal of Applied Ecology PRBO details   pdf doi pubbrief_url
2185 Julian Wood, Nadav Nur, Leo Salas, Megan Elrod, and Sam Veloz From Science to Practice: Assessing and Guiding Innovative Tidal Marsh Enhancement Strategies 2017 Final Report to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation San Francisco Bay Estuary Conservation Fund PRBO details   pdf
2184 Dybala KE, Engilis A, Trochet JA, Engilis IE, Truan ML Evaluating riparian restoration success: Long-term, large-scale responses of the breeding bird community in California's lower Putah Creek watershed 2018 Ecological Restoration 36 76-85 PRBO details   pdf doi pubbrief_url
2183 Rockwood, R. Cotton, John Calambokidis and Jaime Jahncke High mortality of blue, humpback and fin whales from modeled vessel collisions on the U.S. West Coast suggests population impacts and insufficient protection 2017 PLoS ONE 12 1-24 PRBO details   pdf doi pubbrief_url
2182 Erikson, L.; Barnard, P.; O’Neill, A.; Wood, N.; Jones, J.; Finzi Hart, J.; Vitousek, S.; Limber, P.; Hayden, M.; Fitzgibbon, M.; Lovering, J.; Foxgrover, A. Projected 21st Century Coastal Flooding in the Southern California Bight. Part 2: Tools for Assessing Climate Change-Driven Coastal Hazards and Socio-Economic Impacts 2018 Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 6 19 PRBO details   pdf url
2181 Good1*, Thomas, Jameal F. Samhouri1, Blake E. Feist1, Chris Wilcox2, and Jaime Jahncke3 Plastics in the Pacific: assessing risk from marine debris for seabirds in the California Current Ecosystem 2018 PRBO details  
2180 Fraser, KC; Roberto-Charron, A; Cousens, B; Simmons, M; Nightingale, A; Shave, A; Cormier, RL; Humple, DL Classic pattern of leap-frog migration in Sooty Fox Sparrow (Passerella iliaca unalaschcensis) is not supported by direct migration tracking of individual birds 2018 The Auk 134 572-582 PRBO details   pdf openurl
2179 David G. Ainley, Katie M. Dugger, Mario La Mesa, Grant Ballard, Kerry J. Barton, Scott Jennings, Brian J. Karl, Amelie Lescroël, Phil O’B. Lyver, Annie Schmidt, Peter Wilson Post-fledging survival of Adélie Penguins at multiple colonies: Chicks raised on fish do well Marine Ecology Progress Series PRBO details  
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